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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Artiola Toska > Sheqer31/01/20133.68 MB364 times109 times0
Artiola Toska > Goc Tirone jam03/08/20113.95 MB934 times722 times0
Artiola Toska > The Dreams - Hajde05/08/20104.25 MB1253 times480 times0
Artiola Toska > Ah moj nene02/01/20083.12 MB592 times2981 times2
Artiola Toska > Qohen rosat 200721/07/20076.15 MB525 times852 times0
Artiola Toska > Duje vjehrren krejt si nanen 200721/07/20073.25 MB649 times1298 times2
Artiola Toska > Mos u lodh kot20/12/20063.13 MB576 times1250 times0
Artiola Toska > Larg syve larg zemres20/12/20064.21 MB495 times1560 times1
Artiola Toska > Vehtes nuk ja fal25/10/20065.42 MB452 times1794 times1
Artiola Toska > Ruju goce25/10/20065.61 MB416 times1193 times0
Artiola Toska > Njof dy çuna sevdali25/10/20065.80 MB419 times1332 times0
Artiola Toska > Nji filxhon u bo sebep25/10/20064.88 MB388 times1283 times0
Artiola Toska > Kur vjen dita djell25/10/20064.43 MB348 times1153 times1
Artiola Toska > Kenge dasme25/10/20064.60 MB629 times2686 times1
Artiola Toska > Jalla, jalla ç`osht kjo jeta25/10/20067.57 MB426 times1845 times0
Artiola Toska > Halli nuk i ngjaka hallit25/10/20065.03 MB359 times1538 times0
Artiola Toska > Cohen rosat25/10/20064.79 MB358 times3135 times1
Artiola Toska > Sa pa fat28/06/20064.60 MB519 times3366 times6
Artiola Toska > Një unazë28/06/20063.85 MB517 times2814 times2
Artiola Toska > Vjerra28/06/20064.94 MB397 times2469 times4
Artiola Toska > Harxhoje Paren28/06/20065.38 MB421 times2574 times0

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