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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Adrian Gaxha > Floriani - Kjo zemër25/05/20137.89 MB674 times426 times0
Adrian Gaxha > Floriani - Ngjyra e kuqe09/10/20127.11 MB1373 times2119 times0
Adrian Gaxha > Fundin tek une e ke23/01/20113.74 MB776 times489 times1
Adrian Gaxha > Tragjedi si në Romane20/04/20103.24 MB539 times263 times0
Adrian Gaxha > Ti nuk je ajo20/04/20103.27 MB457 times252 times0
Adrian Gaxha > Çmendu20/04/20103.56 MB614 times399 times0
Adrian Gaxha > Vetëvehten e mashtroj20/04/20105.36 MB301 times169 times0
Adrian Gaxha > Më mungon20/04/20104.75 MB641 times490 times0
Adrian Gaxha > Dashuri mistike20/04/20103.71 MB483 times186 times0
Adrian Gaxha > Briliante20/04/20105.01 MB834 times321 times0
Adrian Gaxha > Sa seksi je20/04/20104.05 MB275 times150 times0
Adrian Gaxha > Ti mi more mend20/04/20104.66 MB223 times146 times0
Adrian Gaxha > Si kjo rraki20/04/20104.42 MB311 times180 times0
Adrian Gaxha > Shkupi, Tirana, Prishtina20/04/20105.17 MB287 times241 times0
Adrian Gaxha > Unë gabova20/04/20104.56 MB195 times180 times0
Adrian Gaxha > Fundin tek une e ke20/04/20105.44 MB253 times153 times0
Adrian Gaxha > Ti tani20/04/20104.66 MB401 times161 times1
Adrian Gaxha > E brenduar20/04/20105.17 MB365 times325 times0
Adrian Gaxha > Bejbi, ti ke gabu20/04/20104.96 MB188 times133 times0
Adrian Gaxha > Vrcak dhe Tamara - Ne emer te dashurise09/05/20082.47 MB341 times6317 times76
Adrian Gaxha > Perfeksioniste - feat Loti07/12/20073.48 MB223 times3051 times45
Adrian Gaxha > Manjola Nallbani - Sensacional dashurie18/06/20073.73 MB244 times620 times1
Adrian Gaxha > Capkane20/12/20062.93 MB588 times3140 times19
Adrian Gaxha > Zot denoje20/12/20063.34 MB190 times1729 times8
Adrian Gaxha > Zemren e shes20/12/20063.52 MB228 times1395 times5
Adrian Gaxha > Vlora ime20/12/20063.79 MB177 times1604 times17
Adrian Gaxha > Thuaj mamit20/12/20063.39 MB231 times1340 times10
Adrian Gaxha > Te lutem kthehu20/12/20063.85 MB365 times2841 times13
Adrian Gaxha > Shqipja ime20/12/20063.59 MB524 times2082 times6
Adrian Gaxha > Shkupjanja20/12/20063.68 MB635 times2159 times22
Adrian Gaxha > ReMIX20/12/20069.14 MB236 times1289 times3
Adrian Gaxha > Me shiko20/12/20063.37 MB185 times906 times2
Adrian Gaxha > Luj, luj, luj20/12/20063.70 MB268 times1493 times6
Adrian Gaxha > Ku je xhan20/12/20063.34 MB777 times1689 times10
Adrian Gaxha > Eshte e vertete20/12/20062.99 MB353 times870 times1
Adrian Gaxha > Emrin e ke pranvere20/12/20063.26 MB255 times939 times2
Adrian Gaxha > Dua shpetim20/12/20062.91 MB159 times931 times0
Adrian Gaxha > Do te kisha bler me ar20/12/20062.73 MB579 times1646 times2
Adrian Gaxha > Nene Tereza20/12/20064.53 MB150 times743 times2
Adrian Gaxha > Afrika20/12/20063.67 MB175 times1111 times2
Adrian Gaxha > 300 vjet per ty20/12/20063.12 MB741 times4590 times5
Adrian Gaxha > Mami yt20/12/20063.42 MB236 times898 times4

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