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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Jehona Sopi > Unë do ti laj këmishat tua02/10/20123.51 MB164 times124 times0
Jehona Sopi > Këtë verë01/06/20116.07 MB457 times470 times0
Jehona Sopi > Emocione26/07/20103.77 MB551 times368 times0
Jehona Sopi > Work it girl30/06/20103.02 MB425 times451 times3
Jehona Sopi > Fustani i bardhë19/11/20074.73 MB377 times4369 times60
Jehona Sopi > Borxh më ke26/10/20075.05 MB246 times626 times3
Jehona Sopi > Cdo gje do ndryshoj20/12/20063.14 MB179 times2421 times3
Jehona Sopi > Vet jam me ty20/12/20063.10 MB147 times911 times0
Jehona Sopi > Ti20/12/20063.26 MB135 times561 times1
Jehona Sopi > Thuaje20/12/20063.45 MB388 times1843 times5
Jehona Sopi > Tash dhe perseri20/12/20063.29 MB208 times502 times2
Jehona Sopi > Sot mos thuaj Jo20/12/20063.52 MB259 times1167 times2
Jehona Sopi > S`me then dot20/12/20063.60 MB156 times409 times0
Jehona Sopi > Si fale20/12/20063.08 MB127 times408 times1
Jehona Sopi > Kurr Deshta20/12/20063.78 MB144 times429 times0
Jehona Sopi > Kriza20/12/20062.99 MB175 times513 times0
Jehona Sopi > Jam kjo qe jam20/12/20063.02 MB190 times678 times1
Jehona Sopi > Edhe prap se prap20/12/20062.95 MB121 times519 times2
Jehona Sopi > Do ta mar zemren20/12/20063.18 MB399 times947 times6
Jehona Sopi > Sa me larg08/07/20063.69 MB172 times2574 times6
Jehona Sopi > Nje jete e kemi27/05/20063.89 MB154 times1759 times1
Jehona Sopi > Une nga provinca27/05/20064.08 MB165 times1856 times3
Jehona Sopi > Ti do te vish prape27/05/20064.17 MB177 times1564 times2
Jehona Sopi > Sonte27/05/20064.42 MB518 times2066 times2
Jehona Sopi > Me shtyj perpara27/05/20065.23 MB158 times1255 times1
Jehona Sopi > I fundit fat27/05/20064.89 MB281 times4084 times10
Jehona Sopi > Emocionet27/05/20064.65 MB278 times4604 times6
Jehona Sopi > Defintivisht27/05/20063.77 MB323 times3176 times1

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