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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Mihrije Braha > Plator Abazi - Fama01/02/20134.37 MB149 times54 times0
Mihrije Braha > Shemi - Bjondinë me sytë e zi30/01/20135.23 MB152 times65 times0
Mihrije Braha > Labinot Rexha - Noti - Inati30/01/20136.59 MB112 times54 times0
Mihrije Braha > Mitrovica ime01/08/20123.89 MB171 times86 times0
Mihrije Braha > Veq ti06/02/20113.99 MB611 times393 times0
Mihrije Braha > Tigresh25/08/20103.29 MB585 times408 times5
Mihrije Braha > Naim Abazi - Zahir Pajaziti17/08/20083.27 MB355 times1874 times5
Mihrije Braha > Naim Abazi - Pika pika lote17/08/20083.61 MB400 times1469 times1
Mihrije Braha > Naim Abazi - Or bilbil17/08/20082.86 MB474 times1526 times8
Mihrije Braha > Naim Abazi - Of aman17/08/20085.56 MB315 times1111 times2
Mihrije Braha > Naim Abazi - O qerpik17/08/20082.72 MB329 times879 times0
Mihrije Braha > Naim Abazi - O hajde hajde17/08/20083.41 MB367 times1196 times6
Mihrije Braha > Naim Abazi - Moj e mire e bukur shum17/08/20083.86 MB381 times1130 times3
Mihrije Braha > Naim Abazi - M`ka lind djal17/08/20083.37 MB336 times1176 times5
Mihrije Braha > Naim Abazi - Kush po vjen me temena17/08/20081.59 MB379 times991 times2
Mihrije Braha > Naim Abazi - Kalle krejt17/08/20083.96 MB363 times1172 times3
Mihrije Braha > Naim Abazi - Hajde me shuplak17/08/20081.85 MB283 times1036 times2
Mihrije Braha > Naim Abazi - Dashuri pa lote17/08/20084.01 MB253 times850 times2
Mihrije Braha > Turbulenca29/03/20084.09 MB257 times4987 times89
Mihrije Braha > Naim Abazi - Rrob i dashurise24/01/20085.88 MB339 times6091 times87
Mihrije Braha > Po të isha një oqean06/08/20073.32 MB270 times505 times0
Mihrije Braha > Kthehu21/02/20074.46 MB268 times1613 times3
Mihrije Braha > Akoma po të pres21/02/20073.83 MB294 times1937 times2
Mihrije Braha > Bota bohet flakë20/01/20073.63 MB345 times992 times1
Mihrije Braha > Smund te jetoj pa ty21/12/20061.54 MB250 times2526 times9
Mihrije Braha > Romantika21/12/20063.05 MB269 times847 times1
Mihrije Braha > Kadale Beg21/12/20062.82 MB338 times1583 times2
Mihrije Braha > Isha21/12/20063.31 MB183 times587 times2
Mihrije Braha > Eja21/12/20063.46 MB276 times739 times0
Mihrije Braha > Edhe nje jete21/12/20061.87 MB198 times680 times0
Mihrije Braha > Xehër për merak31/07/20063.34 MB304 times1103 times3
Mihrije Braha > Vogëlushja31/07/20063.53 MB235 times942 times1
Mihrije Braha > Une qajë31/07/20063.56 MB194 times804 times1
Mihrije Braha > Puthje Kosovare31/07/20064.65 MB365 times1785 times6
Mihrije Braha > Midis nesh mbaroi31/07/20063.49 MB221 times1047 times3
Mihrije Braha > Ma kadal31/07/20063.43 MB444 times5491 times9
Mihrije Braha > Lotët nëpër faqe31/07/20064.02 MB241 times1317 times0
Mihrije Braha > Je fantazi31/07/20063.07 MB217 times1085 times1
Mihrije Braha > Ani mori nuse31/07/20063.16 MB439 times3234 times1
Mihrije Braha > Refuzova31/07/20063.82 MB469 times2639 times7
Mihrije Braha > Fundi31/07/20063.09 MB233 times1054 times1

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