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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Gili > Astrit Mulaj - Shpejt festove08/05/20135.62 MB300 times141 times0
Gili > Enis Potoku - Badiahava26/03/20112.56 MB1195 times1011 times1
Gili > Ditën e hanë04/07/20103.80 MB1049 times954 times1
Gili > Fol për mua04/07/20103.97 MB820 times571 times0
Gili > Hej mashallah04/07/20103.61 MB650 times408 times0
Gili > Kur u ndamë04/07/20105.38 MB788 times692 times0
Gili > Missat e Diasporës04/07/20102.87 MB586 times506 times2
Gili > Vakt i ligë04/07/20103.55 MB632 times394 times1
Gili > Vetë më ke thanë04/07/20103.33 MB669 times723 times0
Gili > Zemër04/07/20103.42 MB827 times692 times0
Gili > Shampanja07/07/20083.41 MB489 times1452 times6
Gili > Oh sa budalle07/07/20083.44 MB525 times2467 times11
Gili > Nuk te kam frajer07/07/20083.17 MB572 times2920 times10
Gili > Nane qka bane07/07/20083.15 MB511 times1323 times1
Gili > Me mua a me shok07/07/20084.26 MB709 times2572 times13
Gili > Keq e me keq07/07/20083.78 MB522 times3111 times20
Gili > 20 vjete ne diaspore07/07/20083.39 MB565 times1987 times4
Gili > Mysafirë nderi19/11/20074.78 MB436 times2129 times24
Gili > Nuk të dua20/01/20073.06 MB461 times795 times1
Gili > Dy dakika20/01/20072.69 MB786 times1419 times1
Gili > Veq me te pa20/01/20072.96 MB576 times2193 times2
Gili > Makijato dhe uje mineral20/01/20073.06 MB374 times1621 times2
Gili > Haram te qofte20/01/20073.35 MB568 times4027 times5
Gili > Flas me henen20/01/20073.52 MB591 times1935 times7
Gili > Engjellushe20/01/20073.10 MB652 times1459 times2
Gili > Bora e majit20/01/20073.23 MB416 times1773 times3
Gili > As me shoqen as me mua20/01/20073.42 MB548 times3572 times4
Gili > Komandant gruja21/12/20063.27 MB922 times1681 times0
Gili > Qyqan21/12/20063.11 MB630 times1197 times0
Gili > Zemer zemer21/12/20062.93 MB806 times1771 times4
Gili > Veq ajo qe me ka lindur21/12/20063.69 MB576 times1324 times2
Gili > Un edhe pa ty u knaqa21/12/20063.53 MB704 times2839 times11
Gili > Udhet emia21/12/20063.98 MB616 times2143 times5
Gili > Gjith meshkujt jan njesoj21/12/20063.18 MB529 times1230 times1
Gili > Ti harrove21/12/20064.21 MB1231 times1491 times1
Gili > Ti mke vra21/12/20064.89 MB784 times7028 times11
Gili > Sikur tisha djale21/12/20061.46 MB601 times3116 times4
Gili > Qikat21/12/20063.37 MB1076 times1785 times1
Gili > Para se te ndahemi21/12/20063.12 MB794 times1718 times2
Gili > Pagjumesia21/12/20063.67 MB515 times996 times0
Gili > Mire jam21/12/20063.41 MB750 times1499 times2
Gili > Mer frym21/12/20063.55 MB437 times651 times1
Gili > Me kast21/12/20064.13 MB726 times3017 times4
Gili > Kur mbaroi filmi21/12/20063.86 MB414 times742 times0
Gili > Kmisha21/12/20063.73 MB535 times1357 times5
Gili > Edhe pa ty u knaqa21/12/20063.57 MB720 times2578 times0
Gili > Dy kokefort21/12/20063.31 MB717 times2682 times9
Gili > Bien tri dahiret21/12/20063.14 MB557 times1240 times1
Gili > Aktore e perkryer21/12/20063.76 MB534 times1958 times8
Gili > Ditet e fundit21/12/20064.74 MB601 times2306 times4
Gili > Orrët e rrezikshme05/08/20063.34 MB468 times1054 times0
Gili > Asgjë me vete ske me marrë28/06/20063.60 MB598 times2793 times1

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