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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Gresa Behluli > Kur ka dal nusja në derë24/06/20137.33 MB44 times22 times0
Gresa Behluli > Po e lut nana bijën24/06/20135.69 MB86 times31 times0
Gresa Behluli > E kam emrin kosovar24/06/20136.74 MB89 times27 times0
Gresa Behluli > Ti në zemrën time24/06/20135.40 MB41 times23 times0
Gresa Behluli > Luje qike24/06/20134.75 MB30 times20 times0
Gresa Behluli > Xhamadani24/06/20136.68 MB49 times24 times0
Gresa Behluli > Adrenalina24/06/20136.87 MB51 times17 times0
Gresa Behluli > Llafe, llafe24/06/20136.26 MB38 times22 times0
Gresa Behluli > Sot ka dal fërku i sabahut24/06/20135.95 MB34 times17 times0
Gresa Behluli > Kqyrni shoqe24/06/20135.13 MB47 times24 times0
Gresa Behluli > Lulije o llokum24/06/20134.26 MB39 times22 times0
Gresa Behluli > Para dere24/06/20132.82 MB28 times18 times0
Gresa Behluli > Mirë ja bonem mikut o24/06/20133.75 MB32 times22 times0
Gresa Behluli > Xhamadani vija vija31/01/20134.99 MB101 times59 times0
Gresa Behluli > Pa justifikim31/07/20125.38 MB76 times54 times0
Gresa Behluli > Të kërkoj22/08/20103.66 MB563 times276 times0
Gresa Behluli > Un te dua21/12/20063.57 MB359 times2175 times5
Gresa Behluli > Ngo tash21/12/20063.45 MB234 times1031 times0
Gresa Behluli > Hipokrit21/12/20063.64 MB460 times1119 times3
Gresa Behluli > Faji mbet jetim21/12/20063.18 MB282 times1044 times10
Gresa Behluli > E dua tangon21/12/20063.61 MB309 times891 times1
Gresa Behluli > Do te doja21/12/20062.69 MB229 times1036 times2
Gresa Behluli > Dashuria kyq21/12/20062.62 MB490 times1544 times2
Gresa Behluli > Bie shi21/12/20063.18 MB277 times2343 times5
Gresa Behluli > Djalo kupto20/12/20063.09 MB339 times405 times0

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