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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Flora Gashi > Të kam shpirt31/01/20134.07 MB456 times121 times0
Flora Gashi > Pasunia30/01/20136.50 MB274 times84 times0
Flora Gashi > Këngë për nënat shqiptare30/01/20134.74 MB200 times64 times0
Flora Gashi > Valon Berisha - Potpuri30/01/201310.53 MB195 times54 times0
Flora Gashi > Eja eja ti30/01/20133.48 MB283 times197 times0
Flora Gashi > Lotin ma ke ndal30/01/20133.02 MB252 times54 times0
Flora Gashi > Lotin ma ke ndal19/10/20125.85 MB309 times128 times0
Flora Gashi > Valoni - E kam burrin n`Gjermani09/10/20129.26 MB386 times203 times0
Flora Gashi > Fadil Llugaxhiu - Kënga e Naim Berishës09/10/20126.60 MB173 times75 times0
Flora Gashi > Ma i miri ishe ti09/10/20125.30 MB426 times134 times0
Flora Gashi > Tan ditën në telefon09/10/20125.27 MB351 times108 times0
Flora Gashi > Rrugës isha tuj kalu09/10/20125.19 MB1492 times258 times0
Flora Gashi > Ose mu ose bjondinën09/10/20125.06 MB334 times133 times0
Flora Gashi > Lavdi qoft moj Perëndia09/10/20129.23 MB217 times80 times0
Flora Gashi > Nëse vdes09/10/20125.12 MB287 times71 times0
Flora Gashi > Bekim Kastrati - Moj e mira02/10/20124.69 MB201 times84 times0
Flora Gashi > Kqyrni nusen edhe dhandrin31/07/20123.24 MB267 times115 times0
Flora Gashi > Të dua moj zemër31/07/20123.27 MB306 times105 times0
Flora Gashi > Sa shum të kam dasht31/07/20123.67 MB344 times67 times0
Flora Gashi > Fatin tim vet e ke lyp31/07/20123.43 MB296 times72 times0
Flora Gashi > Zemër i ke ba do vjet31/07/20122.84 MB264 times53 times0
Flora Gashi > Pasunia shkon e vjen31/07/20124.39 MB251 times99 times0
Flora Gashi > Sa të kam për zemër31/07/20122.62 MB209 times56 times0
Flora Gashi > Sy jeshili31/07/20123.27 MB377 times210 times0
Flora Gashi > Eja, eja ti31/07/20123.58 MB254 times67 times0
Flora Gashi > Të kam shpirt të kam xhan31/07/20123.07 MB287 times82 times0
Flora Gashi > Sa e ëmbël dashuria02/08/20113.56 MB864 times359 times0
Flora Gashi > Para meje del me tjetër02/08/20113.70 MB673 times257 times0
Flora Gashi > Luj nuse02/08/20113.37 MB577 times249 times0
Flora Gashi > Aman dashni02/08/20113.19 MB508 times194 times0
Flora Gashi > Hajde, hajde02/08/20113.24 MB628 times185 times0
Flora Gashi > Ah zemër, zemër02/08/20112.98 MB645 times200 times0
Flora Gashi > Sille, sille02/08/20113.09 MB632 times183 times0
Flora Gashi > A të kujtohem dashuri02/08/20113.77 MB530 times195 times0
Flora Gashi > Bekim Kastrati - Moj e mira06/03/20113.18 MB874 times415 times0
Flora Gashi > Ah tradhëti21/07/20103.33 MB1203 times438 times1
Flora Gashi > Pa ty21/07/20102.76 MB937 times308 times0
Flora Gashi > A m`ke dasht21/07/20103.36 MB872 times346 times1
Flora Gashi > Malli gurbetit21/07/20103.03 MB865 times412 times0
Flora Gashi > Eja këtu21/07/20103.36 MB651 times201 times0
Flora Gashi > Sonte21/07/20103.23 MB670 times221 times1
Flora Gashi > Me fat o vëlla21/07/20103.40 MB688 times330 times0
Flora Gashi > Unë xheloze,ti tradhëtar21/07/20103.23 MB779 times345 times0
Flora Gashi > Me fat kjo martesë20/06/20103.72 MB1056 times455 times2
Flora Gashi > Sheik17/04/20103.59 MB998 times567 times2
Flora Gashi > Dashuri në të zezë17/04/20103.01 MB977 times443 times1
Flora Gashi > Te Uroj17/08/20083.62 MB925 times5662 times27
Flora Gashi > S`mundem me t`pa17/08/20083.14 MB764 times3906 times15
Flora Gashi > Nuk te besoj17/08/20083.05 MB681 times2263 times7
Flora Gashi > Njemij here17/08/20083.02 MB756 times2591 times3
Flora Gashi > Nese Vdes17/08/20083.29 MB754 times3347 times12
Flora Gashi > Nata e fundit17/08/20083.14 MB698 times2362 times13
Flora Gashi > Mos u bo xheloz17/08/20083.14 MB743 times2071 times7
Flora Gashi > Lavdi Qofte17/08/20086.13 MB555 times1359 times2
Flora Gashi > Pavaresin kur ta festojm08/07/20081.69 MB620 times2676 times14
Flora Gashi > Une nKosov e ti ne gurbet 200721/07/20073.26 MB830 times7783 times34
Flora Gashi > Une dhe ti 200721/07/20073.34 MB732 times4567 times18
Flora Gashi > U nis dasma 200721/07/20073.40 MB812 times4705 times16
Flora Gashi > U mashtrova 200721/07/20073.75 MB775 times5754 times33
Flora Gashi > Ose mu ose bjondina 200721/07/20073.30 MB893 times6395 times73
Flora Gashi > Mashalla, mashalla 200721/07/20073.16 MB749 times2486 times1
Flora Gashi > Lotet e mi 200721/07/20073.29 MB824 times4031 times25
Flora Gashi > Koft perhajr 200721/07/20073.41 MB737 times2502 times6
Flora Gashi > Oj Anita25/03/20074.56 MB950 times9752 times144
Flora Gashi > Kenge Dasmash20/01/20073.84 MB1116 times5043 times10
Flora Gashi > Dashuria e Gabuar20/01/20073.28 MB853 times4541 times29
Flora Gashi > Heret del me mua20/01/20074.19 MB717 times2502 times6
Flora Gashi > E dua me don20/01/20074.06 MB781 times2865 times3
Flora Gashi > Ti ke mbetur ai i vjetri20/01/20073.23 MB706 times2883 times6
Flora Gashi > Rruju Djalo20/01/20073.23 MB685 times2601 times4
Flora Gashi > Pse ta fala20/01/20073.66 MB1547 times6177 times22
Flora Gashi > Ma i miri ishe ti20/01/20073.69 MB788 times3443 times33
Flora Gashi > Fol me mu20/01/20073.61 MB849 times2534 times7
Flora Gashi > Adnan, Lori dhe Ymeri - Oj qerpik22/12/20064.55 MB598 times2270 times0
Flora Gashi > Adnan, Lori dhe Ymeri - Flutoro moj Dallendyshe22/12/20063.17 MB627 times4045 times1
Flora Gashi > Adnan, Lori dhe Ymeri - Rrethem Rreth22/12/20063.49 MB564 times1839 times0
Flora Gashi > Adnan, Lori dhe Ymeri - Ta helmova Zemren22/12/20062.90 MB554 times1655 times2
Flora Gashi > Adnan, Lori dhe Ymeri - Te molla22/12/20064.38 MB551 times1507 times1
Flora Gashi > Adnan, Lori dhe Ymeri - Po vjen nusja Mashalla22/12/20065.06 MB633 times2250 times0
Flora Gashi > Adnan, Lori dhe Ymeri - Aman Aman22/12/20065.49 MB580 times3178 times0
Flora Gashi > Luje dorën21/12/20063.45 MB632 times2205 times1
Flora Gashi > Dj Caja - Luje doren - Remix21/12/20063.32 MB601 times899 times1
Flora Gashi > Vetëm më shikon26/07/20063.96 MB771 times2652 times3
Flora Gashi > Djalë si ti s`dua të takojë26/07/20063.03 MB759 times8625 times4
Flora Gashi > Të dua26/07/20063.41 MB749 times3039 times2
Flora Gashi > Për ty nuk jam gjallë26/07/20063.27 MB860 times3523 times4
Flora Gashi > Nuk më meritove26/07/20062.85 MB955 times3152 times1
Flora Gashi > Merre zemrën time26/07/20062.78 MB922 times4531 times4
Flora Gashi > Mos harro26/07/20064.23 MB1228 times3754 times8
Flora Gashi > Mos mendo me mu me lujt26/07/20062.98 MB1287 times4070 times6
Flora Gashi > Gënjeshtari26/07/20063.37 MB888 times4122 times3

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