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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Sefë Durraj > Jo jo më ke than31/01/20134.46 MB262 times90 times0
Sefë Durraj > Nuk më meritove31/01/20133.09 MB226 times79 times0
Sefë Durraj > O llokum - Live04/11/20126.15 MB241 times179 times0
Sefë Durraj > Si bi pishman24/10/20123.98 MB237 times99 times0
Sefë Durraj > Qika e Dukagjinit29/07/20123.07 MB259 times79 times0
Sefë Durraj > Pse është kështu jeta29/07/20124.57 MB319 times141 times0
Sefë Durraj > Mos më harro29/07/20124.46 MB248 times91 times0
Sefë Durraj > Gabova, gabova29/07/20122.56 MB333 times88 times0
Sefë Durraj > Dasma me miq29/07/20123.50 MB225 times49 times0
Sefë Durraj > Lere krejt29/07/20123.79 MB209 times148 times0
Sefë Durraj > Më vjen inati29/07/20123.04 MB251 times70 times0
Sefë Durraj > Je prefekte29/07/20123.08 MB280 times208 times0
Sefë Durraj > Vajza ideale14/06/20113.43 MB639 times317 times0
Sefë Durraj > Ty gjithëkush ta ka lakmin14/06/20112.71 MB509 times240 times0
Sefë Durraj > Sikur ta dije14/06/20114.17 MB458 times179 times0
Sefë Durraj > Pes pare si jap14/06/20113.19 MB402 times179 times0
Sefë Durraj > Sikur vjet edhe sivjet - Potpuri14/06/20113.27 MB377 times144 times0
Sefë Durraj > Për veti e kam14/06/20112.79 MB369 times131 times1
Sefë Durraj > Nuk dorzohem14/06/20114.15 MB402 times163 times0
Sefë Durraj > Kjo Lulia qan qan14/06/20112.91 MB521 times265 times0
Sefë Durraj > Jam djal pa behane14/06/20113.18 MB419 times216 times0
Sefë Durraj > Amator në dashuri14/06/20113.09 MB355 times167 times0
Sefë Durraj > S'je dashuria - 201106/02/20112.73 MB637 times294 times0
Sefë Durraj > Të lutem më fal - Remix25/01/20114.18 MB482 times199 times2
Sefë Durraj > Amaneti i mërgimtarit29/06/20103.04 MB1053 times702 times2
Sefë Durraj > A kismet, a taksirat29/06/20103.21 MB847 times511 times0
Sefë Durraj > Ëndërr29/06/20103.42 MB731 times354 times0
Sefë Durraj > Hallall s`ka me ta ba29/06/20103.14 MB757 times335 times1
Sefë Durraj > Ndarje pa kuptim29/06/20103.77 MB685 times365 times0
Sefë Durraj > Nuse me msit29/06/20102.46 MB691 times284 times0
Sefë Durraj > Premtime nuk jap29/06/20103.32 MB591 times252 times0
Sefë Durraj > Pse shpinën ma ktheve29/06/20103.38 MB674 times306 times0
Sefë Durraj > Qysh po ke qef ti29/06/20102.92 MB623 times254 times0
Sefë Durraj > Sikur Euro e Dollar29/06/20103.05 MB657 times292 times0
Sefë Durraj > Vuaj29/06/20104.23 MB656 times256 times0
Sefë Durraj > Qikat si hije janë26/06/20103.71 MB721 times553 times2
Sefë Durraj > Ta bej jeten film07/07/20084.99 MB662 times3218 times8
Sefë Durraj > Syni po loton07/07/20084.43 MB726 times3616 times8
Sefë Durraj > Mhupi vetdija07/07/20084.70 MB620 times1972 times9
Sefë Durraj > Mbi trupin tim07/07/20086.42 MB681 times2789 times5
Sefë Durraj > Ilaq i jem07/07/20084.37 MB619 times1454 times0
Sefë Durraj > E para dhe e fundit07/07/20084.65 MB622 times1749 times6
Sefë Durraj > E kam veq nje lutje07/07/20084.33 MB674 times1984 times3
Sefë Durraj > Dashurija gjelozija07/07/20084.72 MB609 times1365 times1
Sefë Durraj > Maturant05/06/20086.15 MB601 times4530 times36
Sefë Durraj > Ndoshta09/05/20085.43 MB765 times3084 times7
Sefë Durraj > Moj shamia kuqe09/05/20083.37 MB619 times1791 times2
Sefë Durraj > Moj dukane09/05/20088.09 MB570 times1280 times0
Sefë Durraj > Jam si rrushi09/05/20082.52 MB602 times1413 times1
Sefë Durraj > Fitilat e llames09/05/20083.47 MB596 times1547 times3
Sefë Durraj > Tallava09/05/20083.79 MB681 times1719 times7
Sefë Durraj > Pina visky09/05/20083.30 MB609 times1583 times2
Sefë Durraj > Mihane09/05/20087.96 MB612 times1121 times3
Sefë Durraj > Lujma doren09/05/20085.14 MB576 times917 times0
Sefë Durraj > Kur i mbusha 20 vjet09/05/20082.32 MB653 times1765 times5
Sefë Durraj > Jan dy zemra09/05/20084.24 MB641 times1787 times7
Sefë Durraj > Syri Jem23/12/20073.38 MB659 times6403 times53
Sefë Durraj > Je si bonbon11/12/20072.64 MB723 times7065 times54
Sefë Durraj > Vetem ti06/09/20073.24 MB600 times3258 times6
Sefë Durraj > T`lutem me fal06/09/20074.25 MB672 times3503 times15
Sefë Durraj > Ti s`ki faje06/09/20074.39 MB805 times5314 times25
Sefë Durraj > Ti s`ke zemer06/09/20073.10 MB656 times2463 times7
Sefë Durraj > Ta hongsha zemren06/09/20073.55 MB703 times3104 times16
Sefë Durraj > Rri me mu06/09/20073.85 MB585 times1664 times4
Sefë Durraj > O sheqer06/09/20072.53 MB851 times3112 times6
Sefë Durraj > M`ke ne per vete06/09/20073.36 MB563 times1258 times4
Sefë Durraj > Me pelqen06/09/20072.91 MB581 times1287 times3
Sefë Durraj > Mos qajë 200727/06/20076.24 MB768 times3666 times14
Sefë Durraj > Cika e Dukagjinit 200727/06/20074.34 MB558 times1254 times1
Sefë Durraj > Mitrovicë na rrehi teli 200727/06/20076.39 MB583 times1511 times2
Sefë Durraj > Me ti than nja dy fjalë 200727/06/20074.15 MB613 times1873 times4
Sefë Durraj > Hyn në valle 200727/06/20074.79 MB575 times1072 times1
Sefë Durraj > Bjen tupani 200727/06/20075.24 MB651 times1523 times3
Sefë Durraj > Inati po me vjen 200727/06/20075.11 MB604 times1377 times0
Sefë Durraj > Hajde me mu 200727/06/20077.28 MB577 times1231 times1
Sefë Durraj > Gabova, Gabova 200727/06/20075.81 MB739 times2247 times8
Sefë Durraj > Llokumi 200727/06/20076.17 MB641 times1752 times2
Sefë Durraj > Luje shtratin20/01/20073.53 MB578 times1552 times0
Sefë Durraj > Kur ti pash syt e zi20/01/20072.80 MB651 times2566 times2
Sefë Durraj > O Llokum20/01/20074.15 MB717 times3591 times4
Sefë Durraj > Dj Caja - Kam Gabu - Remix21/12/20068.90 MB621 times3238 times125
Sefë Durraj > pse eshte keshtu Jeta21/12/20064.21 MB755 times6171 times28
Sefë Durraj > Me fal21/12/20063.70 MB740 times3066 times5
Sefë Durraj > Kush te foli keq per mua21/12/20064.35 MB749 times3693 times11
Sefë Durraj > Eja po te pres21/12/20067.62 MB700 times3727 times9
Sefë Durraj > A jam fajtor21/12/20063.13 MB758 times3761 times11
Sefë Durraj > Zjarri Dashurise06/07/20063.36 MB637 times3097 times1
Sefë Durraj > Zemren ta kam thy06/07/20062.91 MB677 times3657 times3
Sefë Durraj > Pse u ndam06/07/20063.50 MB716 times4544 times5
Sefë Durraj > Mos me lut06/07/20063.40 MB625 times3157 times12
Sefë Durraj > Me harro06/07/20063.50 MB696 times4301 times10
Sefë Durraj > Lamtumire06/07/20062.77 MB732 times4900 times5
Sefë Durraj > Fol me mu06/07/20062.29 MB632 times3939 times4
Sefë Durraj > Ah ka faj06/07/20064.61 MB876 times8699 times11

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