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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Gazmend Rama > Ska rrepriza31/07/20123.20 MB306 times92 times0
Gazmend Rama > Me Mercedes31/07/20123.49 MB387 times169 times0
Gazmend Rama > Jam seriozë31/07/20123.92 MB257 times72 times0
Gazmend Rama > Mimoza31/07/20122.85 MB656 times124 times0
Gazmend Rama > Tung, tung Shqipri31/07/20122.77 MB366 times69 times0
Gazmend Rama > Tallava me refleks31/07/20125.19 MB241 times81 times0
Gazmend Rama > Unaza e arrit31/07/20123.43 MB231 times69 times0
Gazmend Rama > Frangat si sheqer31/07/20123.84 MB284 times94 times0
Gazmend Rama > Instrumental - Live02/08/20118.05 MB439 times126 times0
Gazmend Rama > Unaz, moj unaz e artë - Live02/08/20114.03 MB431 times149 times0
Gazmend Rama > Moj katile qka më ke ba - Live02/08/20116.83 MB445 times139 times0
Gazmend Rama > Kuku qka të ka gjet moj Zade - Live02/08/20112.16 MB360 times132 times0
Gazmend Rama > Anila moj Anlina - Live02/08/201116.67 MB323 times125 times0
Gazmend Rama > Kalimashi26/07/20103.61 MB797 times318 times0
Gazmend Rama > Sytë e tu01/07/20104.09 MB824 times459 times0
Gazmend Rama > Rruga jonë01/07/20103.36 MB643 times319 times0
Gazmend Rama > Qysh po më thu grun me lshu01/07/20103.07 MB782 times462 times0
Gazmend Rama > Prej familjes kur u ndava01/07/20103.03 MB574 times323 times0
Gazmend Rama > Ketë dashuri se luan as topi01/07/20103.39 MB541 times250 times0
Gazmend Rama > Herë si lyps e herë si mbret30/06/20104.58 MB535 times300 times0
Gazmend Rama > Pse po brendon shpirti29/06/20105.01 MB478 times225 times0
Gazmend Rama > Mos e bon djal veten hor29/06/20105.19 MB469 times249 times0
Gazmend Rama > Kjo e treta e vërteta29/06/20104.42 MB531 times231 times0
Gazmend Rama > Tallava29/07/20082.13 MB938 times5700 times32
Gazmend Rama > Si sheqer07/07/2008811.51 KB550 times3405 times6
Gazmend Rama > Qaj aktore qaj07/07/20085.02 MB558 times2808 times10
Gazmend Rama > Pare pare07/07/20084.35 MB687 times2539 times5
Gazmend Rama > Me qellim pa qellim07/07/20084.99 MB589 times1815 times6
Gazmend Rama > Bukuroshja07/07/20085.36 MB620 times1938 times0
Gazmend Rama > Afrohu07/07/20086.13 MB493 times1871 times1
Gazmend Rama > Pavarsia28/03/20085.37 MB429 times3480 times20
Gazmend Rama > Telefoni kur cingrron24/01/20082.55 MB661 times12255 times94
Gazmend Rama > Afrimi - Tallava 200824/01/20085.25 MB499 times7732 times47
Gazmend Rama > Zemer hekur zemer gur11/12/20073.07 MB502 times6211 times19
Gazmend Rama > Mbulesa - Ilahije11/12/20074.02 MB455 times7812 times92
Gazmend Rama > Valtoni dhe Esmerallda - Tallava20/01/20074.55 MB457 times1464 times0
Gazmend Rama > Zadja11/07/20062.20 MB481 times3107 times0
Gazmend Rama > Zoti ju bekoft06/07/20065.23 MB534 times4088 times4
Gazmend Rama > Zeshkane me sy te zi06/07/20064.24 MB572 times5757 times11
Gazmend Rama > Vetëm ty të kam06/07/20065.68 MB527 times5361 times2
Gazmend Rama > Ty me sy boj qielli06/07/20065.36 MB501 times3346 times0
Gazmend Rama > Ne qiell a në tokë jeton ti06/07/20065.71 MB448 times3750 times2
Gazmend Rama > Jo nuk ndahet Mitrovica06/07/20065.14 MB461 times3358 times4
Gazmend Rama > Je e bukur si pranvera06/07/20065.73 MB577 times3862 times0
Gazmend Rama > Hajde moj lorina06/07/20065.48 MB595 times10168 times7
Gazmend Rama > Eja mos me le në ënder06/07/20064.24 MB552 times6384 times8
Gazmend Rama > Alo, alo06/07/20065.56 MB792 times14644 times50

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