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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Big Mama > I vonuar01/02/20132.71 MB358 times75 times0
Big Mama > Magjishëm30/07/20125.30 MB290 times90 times0
Big Mama > Kucuk prens11/04/20111.60 MB674 times337 times1
Big Mama > Çka po ta nin07/06/20103.53 MB835 times968 times3
Big Mama > Puburteti i vonuar06/08/20072.69 MB410 times391 times1
Big Mama > Video Sexy 200721/07/20073.13 MB457 times4411 times79
Big Mama > Top secret 200721/07/20073.09 MB482 times3364 times26
Big Mama > Rroft interesi 200721/07/20073.55 MB556 times2291 times15
Big Mama > Protesta 200721/07/20073.39 MB277 times1242 times6
Big Mama > Nuk te harroj shoku im 200721/07/20072.95 MB305 times2097 times12
Big Mama > Jo, jo nuk te dua 200721/07/20073.43 MB326 times1599 times1
Big Mama > Halle, halle 200721/07/20073.32 MB530 times3824 times28
Big Mama > Dhender 200721/07/20073.99 MB524 times4351 times13
Big Mama > Bllok 200721/07/20072.81 MB398 times1191 times8
Big Mama > Akuzon 200721/07/20072.88 MB405 times1502 times5
Big Mama > Sexy25/12/20063.27 MB284 times1260 times1
Big Mama > Ishe agresiv (Me Ardit Stafaj - Live)20/12/20063.17 MB288 times975 times3
Big Mama > Zbritje sezonale20/12/20062.91 MB573 times2383 times7
Big Mama > Une jam ligj per ty20/12/20062.90 MB246 times973 times3
Big Mama > Ti po nguce20/12/20062.40 MB507 times1545 times3
Big Mama > Shuj20/12/20062.97 MB241 times746 times0
Big Mama > Nuk mundet20/12/20063.13 MB214 times685 times2
Big Mama > Me je fiksuar20/12/20063.05 MB251 times609 times1
Big Mama > Le te plasin krejt20/12/20063.04 MB410 times1425 times2
Big Mama > Kot e kot20/12/20062.61 MB460 times1371 times6
Big Mama > Ishe Agresiv20/12/20064.92 MB446 times1256 times4
Big Mama > Dumb, dumb20/12/20063.68 MB202 times853 times0
Big Mama > Ashk zamani20/12/20062.87 MB198 times1286 times2
Big Mama > Bashkuar me kengen (feat Wanted)20/12/20062.87 MB160 times819 times0
Big Mama > Une vozis ma mire se ty28/06/20063.05 MB311 times1427 times11

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