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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Bexhet Jagodini > Rita moj Merita05/08/20063.07 MB413 times1889 times5
Bexhet Jagodini > Tridhjet dite ramazan05/08/20064.57 MB256 times1330 times11
Bexhet Jagodini > Xhamadan shperthy05/08/20062.37 MB202 times834 times3
Bexhet Jagodini > Dashuro05/08/20063.01 MB211 times1373 times6
Bexhet Jagodini > Dola nje kohe mramni05/08/20062.38 MB183 times954 times1
Bexhet Jagodini > E vogel te qofsha fal05/08/20063.60 MB133 times855 times2
Bexhet Jagodini > Mos e len shamine05/08/20063.19 MB157 times908 times1
Bexhet Jagodini > Moj e mejra05/08/20062.78 MB245 times1431 times6
Bexhet Jagodini > Vasho mori vasho05/08/20063.79 MB167 times791 times1
Bexhet Jagodini > Shkonte vallja konit05/08/20063.70 MB174 times859 times2
Bexhet Jagodini > Kercovare vajze e re05/08/20063.19 MB147 times908 times0
Bexhet Jagodini > Kercoves sime05/08/20063.63 MB119 times682 times3
Bexhet Jagodini > Rrushja05/08/20062.52 MB179 times753 times4
Bexhet Jagodini > Ani me kan thone05/08/20064.28 MB205 times2443 times8
Bexhet Jagodini > Qune jem njes sonte te ti05/08/20062.54 MB133 times696 times0
Bexhet Jagodini > Na ra nji vronsej05/08/20063.18 MB253 times1221 times31

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