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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Edi Krasniqi > Emine20/06/20103.06 MB773 times369 times1
Edi Krasniqi > Hajde në valle qike20/06/20101.58 MB537 times220 times0
Edi Krasniqi > Hajde shoto mashalla20/06/20102.62 MB427 times249 times1
Edi Krasniqi > Italia20/06/20101.99 MB414 times192 times0
Edi Krasniqi > Kjo unazë 201020/06/20102.65 MB444 times217 times0
Edi Krasniqi > Kur e lujna na shoten20/06/20101.22 MB380 times196 times1
Edi Krasniqi > Lamtumirë o shpirti im20/06/20102.92 MB543 times246 times0
Edi Krasniqi > Ma mirë me ty se fukara20/06/20103.93 MB406 times182 times0
Edi Krasniqi > Na vjen dita edhe neve20/06/20102.47 MB322 times149 times0
Edi Krasniqi > Për ty20/06/20103.38 MB367 times122 times0
Edi Krasniqi > Po ta silli rreth e rreth20/06/20103.16 MB362 times207 times0
Edi Krasniqi > Sa m`ka mar malli me t`pa20/06/20103.13 MB350 times140 times0
Edi Krasniqi > S`ka rëndësi a jam i pari20/06/20102.01 MB282 times129 times0
Edi Krasniqi > Ti në zemrën time20/06/20103.16 MB395 times183 times1
Edi Krasniqi > Unë me jarana20/06/20103.45 MB285 times119 times0
Edi Krasniqi > Unë nuk jam si ti20/06/20102.78 MB300 times125 times2
Edi Krasniqi > Zemër20/06/20102.30 MB413 times162 times1

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