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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Eliza Hoxha > Mbetem09/10/20124.13 MB209 times118 times0
Eliza Hoxha > E ardhmja jemi ne01/08/20127.42 MB141 times74 times0
Eliza Hoxha > Përballë vetvetes23/02/20115.50 MB489 times284 times1
Eliza Hoxha > Të dua veq ty24/01/20113.80 MB395 times291 times0
Eliza Hoxha > E dua këtë vend23/01/20116.14 MB226 times246 times0
Eliza Hoxha > Rruga e zemrës01/07/20103.78 MB416 times494 times1
Eliza Hoxha > Rosela Gjylbegu dhe Pirro Cako - Një tjetër jetë21/04/20103.30 MB430 times381 times1
Eliza Hoxha > Per ata qe s`jan06/09/20072.22 MB267 times3608 times20
Eliza Hoxha > feat getto-Perqafom21/12/20063.30 MB248 times1438 times6
Eliza Hoxha > Ti po shkon21/12/20063.16 MB413 times2131 times2
Eliza Hoxha > Ti po shkon (remix)21/12/20063.83 MB209 times956 times1
Eliza Hoxha > Revolucion21/12/20063.34 MB233 times694 times1
Eliza Hoxha > Pendimi21/12/20062.66 MB655 times2435 times6
Eliza Hoxha > Pendimi (baby version)21/12/2006673.59 KB230 times672 times0
Eliza Hoxha > Ne duart e mia21/12/20063.84 MB284 times1035 times0
Eliza Hoxha > Mos i mbyll syte21/12/20063.96 MB213 times895 times4
Eliza Hoxha > Me ritem do vallzoj21/12/20062.74 MB316 times1462 times3
Eliza Hoxha > Lart ne Qiellin tim21/12/20062.48 MB263 times771 times2
Eliza Hoxha > Kthehu21/12/20064.38 MB546 times1957 times1
Eliza Hoxha > Iluzion (Studio Version)21/12/20063.44 MB208 times376 times1
Eliza Hoxha > Iluzion21/12/20063.50 MB273 times802 times1
Eliza Hoxha > Endrrat21/12/20063.87 MB498 times1548 times3
Eliza Hoxha > Ende21/12/20063.82 MB462 times1695 times2
Eliza Hoxha > Dua21/12/20063.06 MB454 times1462 times6
Eliza Hoxha > Drejt ardhmerise21/12/20064.02 MB272 times774 times0
Eliza Hoxha > Behu me trim21/12/20064.08 MB442 times1679 times1

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