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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Leonora Jakupi > Kënga e pa kënduar09/10/20123.27 MB468 times210 times0
Leonora Jakupi > Sa shumë ndryshime08/08/20123.12 MB400 times220 times0
Leonora Jakupi > Iluzion03/08/20113.85 MB1910 times1773 times0
Leonora Jakupi > Koha s`na falë23/02/20113.88 MB992 times816 times0
Leonora Jakupi > Kastriot Tusha - Potpuri08/02/20113.43 MB873 times583 times0
Leonora Jakupi > I harruar23/01/20113.93 MB820 times819 times2
Leonora Jakupi > Të falem ty Kosovë10/09/20105.82 MB3274 times4803 times8
Leonora Jakupi > Zambeli10/09/20103.37 MB2237 times2016 times0
Leonora Jakupi > Xhamadani vija vija10/09/20104.12 MB2160 times1784 times1
Leonora Jakupi > 100 Pranvera10/09/20104.98 MB1707 times1383 times1
Leonora Jakupi > Sa dilema10/09/20103.83 MB2045 times1700 times2
Leonora Jakupi > Puthja jote - I Love You02/09/20103.63 MB2329 times1993 times2
Leonora Jakupi > Ky është fundi - Aleat02/09/20103.49 MB3010 times3142 times2
Leonora Jakupi > A do te jem e jotja02/09/20103.04 MB2536 times3262 times0
Leonora Jakupi > Fshije ti sonte26/07/20102.97 MB888 times497 times0
Leonora Jakupi > Shikimi na tradhëtoj03/07/20102.05 MB899 times568 times0
Leonora Jakupi > Fshije ti sonte07/06/20102.97 MB2489 times2499 times2
Leonora Jakupi > Sa do doja të përqafoja20/04/20103.65 MB940 times645 times0
Leonora Jakupi > Një herë në jetë30/10/20074.85 MB893 times4925 times121
Leonora Jakupi > Dj Caja Remix - Kush do ta puthi buzën26/10/20072.88 MB556 times296 times0
Leonora Jakupi > A vritet pafajsia28/01/20073.28 MB818 times1585 times3
Leonora Jakupi > Zemra të kërkon25/12/20063.08 MB4694 times56255 times283
Leonora Jakupi > Ti më je shumë xheloz25/12/20063.24 MB673 times9354 times40
Leonora Jakupi > Tash kur s`të kam25/12/20063.05 MB549 times5921 times21
Leonora Jakupi > O beqar25/12/20063.13 MB1749 times32812 times112
Leonora Jakupi > Një kompliment25/12/20063.45 MB484 times2671 times7
Leonora Jakupi > Me mashtrime25/12/20062.88 MB717 times4053 times20
Leonora Jakupi > Më do dhe të dua25/12/20062.85 MB518 times3768 times6
Leonora Jakupi > Maksimum të ndryshëm25/12/20063.08 MB454 times2596 times2
Leonora Jakupi > Kush ka faj25/12/20063.20 MB540 times4674 times6
Leonora Jakupi > Kush do ta puth zemrën25/12/20063.07 MB1532 times25555 times40
Leonora Jakupi > Vetem ty te dua20/12/20063.05 MB853 times1947 times22
Leonora Jakupi > Ti nuk egziston20/12/20063.78 MB679 times1955 times3
Leonora Jakupi > Ti nuk egziston (Remiks)20/12/20064.61 MB473 times941 times5
Leonora Jakupi > Sonte skemi kohe per fjale20/12/20064.29 MB719 times1902 times7
Leonora Jakupi > Sahara20/12/20063.36 MB573 times1525 times2
Leonora Jakupi > S`jam ajo qe isha20/12/20063.80 MB518 times1004 times8
Leonora Jakupi > Seshte koha per fjale20/12/20064.26 MB573 times1053 times8
Leonora Jakupi > Rrobresha20/12/20064.20 MB535 times849 times0
Leonora Jakupi > Ne zemer te me ndjesh20/12/20063.85 MB464 times844 times2
Leonora Jakupi > Ngushellimi20/12/20063.80 MB444 times797 times4
Leonora Jakupi > Mos u tremb nga dashuria20/12/20063.49 MB793 times1250 times0
Leonora Jakupi > Mos u mashtro20/12/20063.77 MB615 times821 times2
Leonora Jakupi > Mos me thuaj20/12/20063.26 MB540 times825 times0
Leonora Jakupi > Mjalte e zjart20/12/20062.94 MB452 times847 times8
Leonora Jakupi > Kaprolle20/12/20063.46 MB606 times862 times1
Leonora Jakupi > Gjer ne eshtra me ke ndezur20/12/20063.28 MB529 times1507 times0
Leonora Jakupi > Ende te dua20/12/20064.45 MB650 times3249 times8
Leonora Jakupi > As mos provo20/12/20064.05 MB679 times1706 times3
Leonora Jakupi > Po vritet pafajësija14/07/20063.16 MB653 times1501 times1

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