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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Gold AG > Kingji e terri16/05/20133.02 MB390 times87 times0
Gold AG > Zana Kuqi - Eja dhe sonte në ëndrrën time14/05/20136.42 MB297 times45 times0
Gold AG > Harrove07/04/20138.56 MB337 times129 times0
Gold AG > Nysret Muçiqi - Shumë vjet13/02/20133.20 MB509 times143 times0
Gold AG > Nora Muqaj - Mendoj25/10/20123.07 MB332 times189 times0
Gold AG > Hysni Klinaku - Shqiptarë me zemër21/09/20123.27 MB478 times232 times0
Gold AG > Kthena apet08/09/20123.08 MB357 times150 times0
Gold AG > Diss 4 all bitchez08/09/20124.50 MB240 times75 times0
Gold AG > Klepto - Nuk ka hiq08/09/20122.45 MB154 times86 times0
Gold AG > Andin Randobrava - Kosova republikë01/08/20129.18 MB228 times113 times0
Gold AG > Kastro Zizo dhe Andin Ranobrava - Manaferra01/08/20129.70 MB185 times68 times0
Gold AG > Presheva e Gjilani01/08/20124.84 MB412 times180 times0
Gold AG > Poni dhe Hekuran Krasniqi - Çamëri01/08/20126.23 MB336 times105 times0
Gold AG > Shemi - Xhamadani vija vija01/08/20124.47 MB328 times203 times0
Gold AG > Shkumbin Ismajli - Lamtumirë01/08/20123.55 MB310 times149 times0
Gold AG > Nora Muqaj - Me ty31/07/20124.98 MB204 times89 times0
Gold AG > Gjithmonë i gjallë Enver Zymberi03/08/20114.90 MB935 times598 times0
Gold AG > Malsori - Malësi e madhe06/07/20113.33 MB822 times522 times0
Gold AG > Hekuran Krasniqi - Sonte06/07/20112.84 MB565 times229 times0
Gold AG > Toka ime06/07/20114.27 MB708 times442 times0
Gold AG > The Gold Father06/07/20115.14 MB560 times213 times0
Gold AG > Plaku me djal06/07/20115.88 MB686 times310 times0
Gold AG > Më fal o Zot06/07/20115.07 MB755 times356 times0
Gold AG > Burg mërgimi06/07/20113.99 MB658 times345 times0
Gold AG > 2po2 dhe Andini - Të falem ty02/07/20115.23 MB538 times286 times0
Gold AG > I pari jom02/05/20115.85 MB492 times259 times0
Gold AG > Jo negociata24/03/20115.22 MB713 times462 times2
Gold AG > 1-shi10/03/20115.10 MB550 times280 times0
Gold AG > E kalli10/03/20114.59 MB522 times219 times0
Gold AG > Elembelem10/03/20114.73 MB454 times206 times0
Gold AG > Ëndrra10/03/20116.14 MB476 times269 times0
Gold AG > I pari jam10/03/20117.05 MB393 times170 times0
Gold AG > I vetëm10/03/20117.11 MB370 times206 times0
Gold AG > Ma të fort a ka10/03/20116.17 MB411 times181 times0
Gold AG > Malli10/03/20116.42 MB494 times342 times0
Gold AG > Nuk ka gjyq që më gjykon10/03/20115.01 MB621 times550 times0
Gold AG > Nuk vdes10/03/20115.94 MB643 times465 times0
Gold AG > Pendimi10/03/20116.53 MB547 times274 times2
Gold AG > Çamëria10/03/20116.85 MB740 times506 times0
Gold AG > Realiteti10/03/20115.80 MB441 times168 times0
Gold AG > The Notebook10/03/20116.26 MB367 times114 times0
Gold AG > Thuaj10/03/20116.47 MB354 times164 times1
Gold AG > Ilir Konushevci07/03/20115.69 MB456 times237 times0
Gold AG > Ilirida15/02/20114.73 MB641 times570 times0
Gold AG > Rri larg24/01/20116.23 MB440 times249 times0
Gold AG > Fjala e zemrës24/01/20118.82 MB460 times310 times0
Gold AG > Me krye n'hi - 201024/07/20103.67 MB651 times450 times2
Gold AG > Realiteti22/07/20103.85 MB433 times286 times0
Gold AG > Malli19/05/20108.52 MB596 times697 times2
Gold AG > Elem, belem13/05/20104.69 MB586 times385 times0
Gold AG > Xhevdeti ndeti28/07/20084.94 MB534 times477 times0
Gold AG > Drenusha Latifi - Dritan Hoxha07/07/20084.03 MB437 times306 times0
Gold AG > Dafina Zeqiri - Nje dite tek ti09/05/20084.40 MB477 times989 times1
Gold AG > Mixha Bibe me Rrahim Struja - Gëzuar 2008 me havera11/12/20073.82 MB511 times2341 times19
Gold AG > Ti je qyrr - Diss Getit26/10/20072.18 MB520 times712 times1
Gold AG > Gjithmonë26/10/20073.46 MB432 times368 times2
Gold AG > Dj Suat - Gurrin e boj plumb06/08/20073.92 MB497 times535 times1
Gold AG > Në msn16/02/20073.22 MB476 times803 times9
Gold AG > Dyftyrshat16/02/20071.91 MB460 times472 times0

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