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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Adnan Daci > Kanagjegji20/03/20136.52 MB229 times91 times0
Adnan Daci > Majlinda Kryeziu - Mashallah mashallah01/02/20133.20 MB202 times46 times0
Adnan Daci > Kanagjegjii30/01/20136.52 MB134 times56 times0
Adnan Daci > Mos më qo të fala09/11/20123.73 MB480 times428 times0
Adnan Daci > Kalldermit po më shkon si shah09/11/20122.96 MB278 times156 times0
Adnan Daci > Zi e bane zemrën time31/07/20122.70 MB271 times111 times0
Adnan Daci > S`patëm faj31/07/20123.96 MB193 times98 times0
Adnan Daci > Po lun Shkupi me Prishtinën31/07/20123.60 MB186 times81 times0
Adnan Daci > Pandora - Paska vesh Lulia fustan31/07/20125.44 MB218 times98 times0
Adnan Daci > Pandora - Lindëm nan edhe një herë31/07/20124.46 MB257 times93 times0
Adnan Daci > Oj Lulije, pëllumb i bardhë31/07/20123.33 MB213 times62 times0
Adnan Daci > O more bylbyl31/07/20123.61 MB247 times70 times0
Adnan Daci > Një herë zemra falet31/07/20122.89 MB182 times63 times0
Adnan Daci > Kanagjeqi31/07/20124.48 MB89 times46 times0
Adnan Daci > Je e re, axhami31/07/20123.25 MB148 times47 times0
Adnan Daci > Boll kam prit31/07/20123.13 MB143 times55 times0
Adnan Daci > Pandora - Lindëm nënë edhe një herë31/07/20124.42 MB131 times51 times0
Adnan Daci > Kanagjegji16/05/20116.75 MB631 times350 times0
Adnan Daci > Njëherë zemra falet23/01/20112.80 MB659 times414 times0
Adnan Daci > Hajde, hajde05/08/20103.16 MB823 times451 times0
Adnan Daci > Pandora - Oj Lulija18/06/20105.35 MB773 times601 times0
Adnan Daci > Bollë kam prit07/05/20103.04 MB677 times441 times1
Adnan Daci > O bilbil që këndon në pranverë20/04/20103.56 MB728 times424 times0
Adnan Daci > Ti më ndave20/04/20103.58 MB623 times325 times0
Adnan Daci > Trendafil me ere21/08/20083.22 MB485 times3716 times8
Adnan Daci > Nje mi here21/08/20083.60 MB610 times5164 times7
Adnan Daci > Moj zemrush21/08/20083.36 MB463 times2604 times3
Adnan Daci > Kan kaluar dite e nate21/08/20084.85 MB519 times2955 times8
Adnan Daci > Ishin puthje mekatare21/08/20083.08 MB527 times2736 times13
Adnan Daci > Edhe sivjet21/08/20083.99 MB623 times4533 times6
Adnan Daci > E mallkoj09/05/20085.66 MB558 times1749 times4
Adnan Daci > Më thuaj pse21/07/20073.34 MB470 times2370 times1
Adnan Daci > Mollë e ndaluar27/06/20074.65 MB480 times648 times6
Adnan Daci > Ani shko25/12/20063.06 MB600 times3195 times4

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