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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Lyrical Son > Nuke - Mos shko12/07/20133.00 MB220 times77 times0
Lyrical Son > ErgeNR - La pintamilja18/08/20124.76 MB204 times89 times0
Lyrical Son > Ilirët - Oj Kosovë01/08/20126.05 MB170 times61 times0
Lyrical Son > Qëllimi01/08/20129.19 MB125 times83 times0
Lyrical Son > Don P - 2po2 - Me qef - Dream City29/07/20127.37 MB198 times56 times0
Lyrical Son > Pse t`fola u njoftova me ty03/08/20113.82 MB546 times771 times0
Lyrical Son > Singullar dhe Mc Kresha - Kon pe shan me nan16/06/20114.81 MB293 times285 times0
Lyrical Son > B2N - Albania, Kosova, Tirana, Prishtina13/06/20114.35 MB367 times150 times0
Lyrical Son > B2N - Are you ready13/06/20114.35 MB143 times92 times0
Lyrical Son > Mc Kresha dhe Capital-T - Baby I do it06/05/20116.04 MB309 times212 times0
Lyrical Son > Mc Kresha - Pa mu06/05/20116.61 MB317 times246 times0
Lyrical Son > Big Xik - Si e ki familjen - Censured07/07/20103.41 MB315 times207 times1
Lyrical Son > Newpoorn - Shihemi prap30/06/20102.94 MB278 times252 times0
Lyrical Son > Tabullarasa21/06/20103.34 MB730 times1156 times3
Lyrical Son > feat Mc Kresha and Noga - Soldier11/06/20104.96 MB358 times411 times2
Lyrical Son > Skillz - Veq per trip17/08/20083.13 MB283 times6663 times31
Lyrical Son > Real1 - High medet High17/08/20083.29 MB214 times2819 times15
Lyrical Son > Mc Kresha dhe K-os - E boj me qef17/08/20082.98 MB267 times4818 times37
Lyrical Son > Etno Engjujt- Up in Da club17/08/20082.91 MB214 times3258 times21
Lyrical Son > Etno Engjujt - Bling Bling17/08/20083.51 MB203 times3110 times15
Lyrical Son > Dafina Zeqiri - Hot shorts17/08/20083.28 MB221 times2873 times16
Lyrical Son > Tjeter kah17/08/20083.21 MB140 times1141 times5
Lyrical Son > Tanga17/08/20082.78 MB162 times1316 times4
Lyrical Son > Sexy Linda17/08/20082.87 MB381 times6590 times59
Lyrical Son > Po pritoj17/08/20084.52 MB317 times2192 times14
Lyrical Son > Ncuk komercial17/08/20085.83 MB135 times961 times0
Lyrical Son > Mu ba estrad17/08/20083.91 MB151 times2079 times10
Lyrical Son > Je jasht17/08/20082.75 MB156 times1110 times1
Lyrical Son > Aprili li li17/08/20082.99 MB220 times2602 times15
Lyrical Son > Intro17/08/20081.20 MB106 times542 times3
Lyrical Son > Arba Sound - Prej aty ku na vimë27/12/20072.81 MB161 times1140 times5
Lyrical Son > Mad Lion ft. Mc Kresha FFJ - Kceni me mu16/02/20074.48 MB199 times581 times2

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