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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Bajram Gigolli > Quni i lalës31/07/20124.50 MB354 times109 times0
Bajram Gigolli > Këngë arshiknije31/07/20122.36 MB328 times78 times0
Bajram Gigolli > Mos më le31/07/20123.02 MB266 times46 times0
Bajram Gigolli > Lulia31/07/20123.25 MB295 times89 times0
Bajram Gigolli > Kush u qu ni loj me lu31/07/20121.87 MB360 times86 times0
Bajram Gigolli > Ball për ball31/07/20122.59 MB229 times61 times0
Bajram Gigolli > Dashuria nuk ka lojë31/07/20121.63 MB237 times43 times0
Bajram Gigolli > Tallava 201231/07/20123.80 MB445 times128 times0
Bajram Gigolli > Kur ta kujtojsh Prishtinën31/07/20123.35 MB288 times62 times0
Bajram Gigolli > Në kajde defi31/07/20124.90 MB249 times73 times0
Bajram Gigolli > Kjo dashnia31/07/20125.00 MB253 times53 times0
Bajram Gigolli > Mihone16/05/20113.74 MB691 times349 times0
Bajram Gigolli > Ibrahim Rugova26/07/20103.80 MB726 times338 times0
Bajram Gigolli > Si ke puna për me dalë16/07/20101.89 MB515 times216 times0
Bajram Gigolli > Po shkojm te shoku jonë16/07/20101.26 MB424 times182 times0
Bajram Gigolli > Nusja jonë16/07/20101.55 MB517 times220 times2
Bajram Gigolli > Nuse për vlla16/07/20102.04 MB444 times187 times0
Bajram Gigolli > Mos, mos16/07/20101.80 MB352 times132 times0
Bajram Gigolli > Lumja tokë16/07/20101.15 MB359 times153 times0
Bajram Gigolli > Kemi ngrit flamurin16/07/2010894.00 KB442 times172 times0
Bajram Gigolli > Fluturo moj flutur16/07/20102.14 MB442 times175 times0
Bajram Gigolli > A me fol, a mos me fol16/07/20102.11 MB389 times167 times0
Bajram Gigolli > Valle Folklorike17/08/20081.89 MB524 times2128 times5
Bajram Gigolli > Oj Lulie17/08/20088.07 MB590 times2059 times5
Bajram Gigolli > Mitrovic Rrehi Teli17/08/20084.41 MB479 times1363 times2
Bajram Gigolli > Ne Kajde Te Defit17/08/20084.39 MB426 times1335 times2
Bajram Gigolli > Jom Ba Si Det i Vdekur17/08/20083.23 MB303 times853 times5
Bajram Gigolli > Jena Gezu Kur e Pash at Vajzen te shkolla17/08/20086.87 MB498 times1524 times8
Bajram Gigolli > Jom De me Raki17/08/20087.64 MB447 times1079 times2
Bajram Gigolli > Hajredin Pasha17/08/20083.99 MB436 times1090 times2
Bajram Gigolli > Gurbeti17/08/20084.42 MB407 times1263 times4
Bajram Gigolli > Dashuri e vjeter17/08/20083.05 MB358 times838 times2
Bajram Gigolli > Këngë dasmash - Tallava për Prizren21/05/200816.19 MB1169 times1780 times3
Bajram Gigolli > Po vjen nusja21/07/20071.24 MB855 times4269 times37

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