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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Rovena Stefa > Gold AG - Thirrëm05/07/20134.66 MB124 times49 times0
Rovena Stefa > Eltoni - Hajde ti13/03/20133.15 MB131 times77 times0
Rovena Stefa > Elton - Hajde ti05/02/20136.42 MB133 times73 times0
Rovena Stefa > Leylim Ley31/01/20134.54 MB152 times56 times0
Rovena Stefa > Thrret Prizreni mori Shkodër - Live04/11/20123.05 MB177 times115 times0
Rovena Stefa > Nuse nuk u bëra, nëpër shtyllat e telefonit - Live04/11/20124.82 MB138 times47 times0
Rovena Stefa > Malli - Live04/11/20123.24 MB127 times66 times0
Rovena Stefa > Laylim ley - Live04/11/20122.86 MB132 times103 times0
Rovena Stefa > Në drras të vegut - Live04/11/20122.52 MB98 times55 times0
Rovena Stefa > Kanagjeqi, Burrë të martuar - Live04/11/20124.60 MB106 times65 times0
Rovena Stefa > Dasma, Llokumi - Live04/11/20124.66 MB126 times41 times0
Rovena Stefa > Këngë dasmash - Live04/11/20125.38 MB139 times71 times0
Rovena Stefa > Bolla Lara Lara, Dada Sale, Dëgjo Rovin - Live04/11/20124.97 MB128 times40 times0
Rovena Stefa > Live 201227/10/20122.82 MB91 times54 times0
Rovena Stefa > Sala Jashari - Amaneti19/10/20127.25 MB155 times199 times0
Rovena Stefa > Djepi01/08/20124.07 MB97 times53 times0
Rovena Stefa > E gjej03/08/20113.71 MB351 times226 times0
Rovena Stefa > Gjenerali03/08/20112.88 MB226 times152 times0
Rovena Stefa > Kthehu03/08/20113.52 MB258 times142 times0
Rovena Stefa > Gold AG dhe Pro Bend - Ndëgjo Rovin03/08/20113.40 MB526 times478 times0
Rovena Stefa > Kanagjeqi03/08/20113.45 MB440 times400 times0
Rovena Stefa > Gold AG - Thirrëm25/06/20113.17 MB399 times336 times2
Rovena Stefa > Nuse nuk u bëra - Remix25/01/20112.80 MB394 times267 times0
Rovena Stefa > Nuse nuk u bëra25/01/20112.87 MB365 times293 times0
Rovena Stefa > Mallkuar25/01/20113.82 MB368 times309 times0
Rovena Stefa > Irva Stefa - E gjej21/04/20105.90 MB532 times310 times0
Rovena Stefa > Burr te martuar dashurova29/07/20083.22 MB954 times21251 times230
Rovena Stefa > C`deshi zogeza ne dyqan29/07/20083.04 MB329 times2764 times8
Rovena Stefa > Disko Party29/07/20083.89 MB337 times4308 times4
Rovena Stefa > Keta te dy29/07/20083.77 MB261 times2276 times3
Rovena Stefa > Lum, lum29/07/20084.36 MB345 times2506 times3
Rovena Stefa > Malli29/07/20084.26 MB509 times7285 times21
Rovena Stefa > Nusja29/07/20083.89 MB362 times2668 times6
Rovena Stefa > Xhan moj yll, xhan mje hene29/07/20083.54 MB287 times2066 times3
Rovena Stefa > Zemra te thrret29/07/20084.05 MB263 times2549 times3
Rovena Stefa > Kthehu ti05/06/20084.65 MB269 times8825 times29
Rovena Stefa > Shpat Kasapi - Potpuri 200823/12/20073.89 MB436 times8868 times70
Rovena Stefa > Zotri anonim06/08/20073.58 MB262 times592 times1
Rovena Stefa > Sja ben pa mua21/12/20063.15 MB223 times1955 times5
Rovena Stefa > Mos ngacmo telat e mia21/12/20064.08 MB265 times1086 times2
Rovena Stefa > Me ty ne ferr21/12/20064.91 MB213 times821 times2
Rovena Stefa > Me kapel Kariocieri21/12/20063.69 MB580 times1311 times3
Rovena Stefa > Kthehem prap21/12/20063.55 MB266 times856 times0
Rovena Stefa > Jam embelsire21/12/20063.01 MB485 times2203 times8
Rovena Stefa > Dasma21/12/20068.58 MB1052 times6115 times21
Rovena Stefa > A po vjen me mue21/12/20063.36 MB1071 times1630 times1
Rovena Stefa > Energjia02/08/20063.38 MB300 times2197 times0
Rovena Stefa > Mos thuaj - Duet me Bleron02/08/20063.67 MB270 times2914 times0
Rovena Stefa > Dhëndër i valleve02/08/20063.64 MB226 times2276 times0
Rovena Stefa > Byrek, byrek02/08/20063.64 MB332 times3025 times1
Rovena Stefa > Çka më ka syni02/08/20062.97 MB455 times4476 times1
Rovena Stefa > Jam e jotja me tapi02/08/20062.69 MB274 times2578 times0
Rovena Stefa > Adresë pa emër02/08/20064.15 MB410 times11042 times33
Rovena Stefa > Hej, hej02/08/20062.96 MB375 times3746 times4
Rovena Stefa > Miss Kiss02/08/20063.05 MB321 times2501 times1
Rovena Stefa > Llokum02/08/20063.29 MB607 times7689 times2
Rovena Stefa > Zemër11/07/20063.50 MB719 times2128 times1
Rovena Stefa > S`ka triumf në dashuri11/07/20063.40 MB266 times961 times0
Rovena Stefa > S`dua ta di11/07/20063.46 MB405 times1245 times3
Rovena Stefa > Paraja11/07/20063.58 MB341 times987 times0
Rovena Stefa > Në agime të kërkoj11/07/20063.71 MB225 times803 times0
Rovena Stefa > Mos thuaj shko11/07/20063.04 MB237 times876 times0
Rovena Stefa > Maçka jote s`bëhem dot11/07/20063.02 MB484 times1044 times1
Rovena Stefa > Më lëndove11/07/20064.54 MB255 times985 times0
Rovena Stefa > Më bën magji11/07/20064.09 MB459 times2677 times4
Rovena Stefa > Ku je ti11/07/20063.79 MB289 times1321 times1
Rovena Stefa > Harem11/07/20062.64 MB248 times965 times0
Rovena Stefa > Dua të jetoj11/07/20063.92 MB234 times1055 times2
Rovena Stefa > Bie dëborë11/07/20063.80 MB248 times1411 times1

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