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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Fatmire Mjaku > Unë jetoj për ty, veq për ty31/01/20135.60 MB197 times111 times0
Fatmire Mjaku > Dashnia gjenet20/06/201018.02 MB691 times268 times0
Fatmire Mjaku > Emine20/06/20106.84 MB433 times185 times0
Fatmire Mjaku > Hej, hej20/06/20106.93 MB435 times173 times0
Fatmire Mjaku > Knojna me vullnet20/06/20108.60 MB342 times148 times0
Fatmire Mjaku > Kqyrni shoqe20/06/201015.58 MB405 times222 times0
Fatmire Mjaku > Ngoni shokë20/06/201017.00 MB260 times94 times0
Fatmire Mjaku > Pina viski20/06/20107.96 MB323 times135 times1
Fatmire Mjaku > Ti me gojë s`me flet20/06/201010.71 MB266 times84 times0
Fatmire Mjaku > Ty t`ka nana20/06/20106.90 MB289 times126 times0
Fatmire Mjaku > E di, gabova21/04/20104.06 MB413 times188 times0
Fatmire Mjaku > Zemër, zemër s`muj me besu20/04/20104.01 MB405 times146 times0
Fatmire Mjaku > Dua11/01/20084.38 MB341 times5218 times74
Fatmire Mjaku > Simpatia07/12/20073.07 MB302 times1871 times29
Fatmire Mjaku > Jetoj per ty07/12/20075.11 MB404 times3239 times25
Fatmire Mjaku > Dashuri e humbur07/12/20075.44 MB361 times2625 times32
Fatmire Mjaku > Ti më thua se me mu ska06/08/20073.12 MB288 times354 times0

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