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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Viola > Po të pres12/07/20133.23 MB136 times33 times0
Viola > Ti je qyqan12/07/20133.01 MB74 times21 times0
Viola > Të dua dhe pik12/07/20133.04 MB61 times33 times0
Viola > Sikur të kisha pran12/07/20133.37 MB68 times22 times0
Viola > Nanës12/07/20134.52 MB71 times35 times0
Viola > Ani ani loqka jem12/07/20133.18 MB133 times41 times0
Viola > S`ta fali12/07/20133.51 MB114 times24 times0
Viola > Loqk shpirt e zemër12/07/20132.80 MB138 times49 times0
Viola > Ti je qyqan05/07/20137.38 MB44 times18 times0
Viola > Dikur ishim bashkë02/04/20134.33 MB91 times37 times0
Viola > Lësho lidhjen20/03/20134.68 MB69 times30 times0
Viola > Luj luj e mos vuj31/01/20133.25 MB111 times55 times0
Viola > Me mindil vallja hidhet30/01/20135.24 MB95 times53 times0
Viola > Mua ki me majt mend31/07/20125.31 MB156 times94 times0
Viola > Luj, luj e mos vuj31/07/20124.84 MB111 times80 times0
Viola > Vet fajin e kam31/07/20125.48 MB77 times57 times0
Viola > Dashuria nuk është interes31/07/20125.95 MB151 times95 times0
Viola > Jeta qenka shumë e mirë31/07/20124.85 MB95 times57 times0
Viola > Kalle, kalle i zoti i shpisë31/07/20125.30 MB125 times110 times0
Viola > S`ke çka thua31/07/20124.63 MB78 times58 times0
Viola > Lëshoje lidhjen31/07/20124.89 MB71 times75 times0
Viola > Dikur ishim bashkë31/07/20124.56 MB74 times56 times0
Viola > Dashuria nuk ka kusht06/02/20113.27 MB546 times333 times0
Viola > Vuajtjet e dynjas13/07/20103.32 MB478 times331 times0
Viola > Unë jetim dy herë mbeta13/07/20103.36 MB446 times269 times1
Viola > Qikat e diasporës13/07/20102.61 MB448 times312 times0
Viola > Për ty po vuaj13/07/20104.09 MB364 times266 times0
Viola > Knoma këngën13/07/20104.28 MB448 times311 times0
Viola > Kam gabuar13/07/20103.84 MB396 times208 times1
Viola > Hanko halla13/07/20103.06 MB366 times214 times0
Viola > Ah moj nan13/07/20104.10 MB464 times424 times2
Viola > Zemra jem06/09/20073.57 MB454 times6284 times36
Viola > Une te dua06/09/20073.15 MB384 times3967 times26
Viola > S`te dua06/09/20074.38 MB392 times4156 times22
Viola > Kuptoje06/09/20072.96 MB432 times5068 times18
Viola > Jeten e ke avantur06/09/20074.39 MB402 times3451 times14
Viola > Ike per te me lenduar06/09/20073.03 MB377 times2853 times8
Viola > I harrove fjalet06/09/20072.94 MB347 times2904 times8
Viola > Do t`vie dita06/09/20072.86 MB364 times3173 times7
Viola > Une ty, ti mua20/01/20072.97 MB449 times988 times0

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