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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Nora Istrefi > Vig Poppa - Big Love01/02/20135.77 MB404 times222 times0
Nora Istrefi > Ne të 231/01/20135.26 MB275 times105 times0
Nora Istrefi > Nora nuk o njisoj - Remix Dj Selection06/02/20113.49 MB522 times373 times0
Nora Istrefi > Nora nuk o njisoj24/01/20115.59 MB548 times436 times1
Nora Istrefi > Një lule mbi varr23/01/20119.25 MB428 times223 times0
Nora Istrefi > TDS - Ka je29/07/20103.54 MB923 times1916 times1
Nora Istrefi > Kaos - Mos fol07/07/20103.65 MB647 times516 times0
Nora Istrefi > Shokë21/04/20104.72 MB1661 times3799 times6
Nora Istrefi > Sekret20/04/20106.15 MB736 times712 times0
Nora Istrefi > Sinani - Pa fat07/07/20081.74 MB544 times13427 times74
Nora Istrefi > Jonathan Levant - Ne boten tjeter07/07/20081.48 MB374 times4302 times23
Nora Istrefi > Ska kthim07/07/20081.74 MB456 times3551 times25
Nora Istrefi > Mes dy zjarreve07/07/20081.56 MB369 times1684 times4
Nora Istrefi > E ke e ke07/07/20081.67 MB365 times1697 times5
Nora Istrefi > Shko atje07/07/20081.83 MB346 times1251 times3
Nora Istrefi > Mos Fol - feat KAOS24/01/20084.49 MB366 times11229 times187
Nora Istrefi > A kam faje11/01/20084.57 MB342 times9242 times139
Nora Istrefi > Ma e fort se ti30/12/20073.39 MB383 times3942 times28
Nora Istrefi > Para syve tu27/12/20074.24 MB401 times3707 times49
Nora Istrefi > Xhemile27/12/20075.67 MB363 times734 times2
Nora Istrefi > Mos me le27/12/20073.96 MB429 times3435 times31
Nora Istrefi > Nje dite23/12/20075.34 MB307 times4375 times58
Nora Istrefi > Dj Neti Remix - Mos më le19/11/20073.19 MB219 times51 times2
Nora Istrefi > Njëri-tjetri26/10/20073.51 MB260 times450 times0
Nora Istrefi > Dj Cani - Dridhe, dridhe26/10/20073.92 MB287 times979 times0
Nora Istrefi > Rozafa 200726/10/20075.14 MB197 times1481 times13
Nora Istrefi > Një lule mbi varr 200727/06/20073.74 MB251 times2064 times14
Nora Istrefi > Hajde me mu 200727/06/20073.13 MB335 times2659 times14
Nora Istrefi > Dj Caja - The one - Remix21/12/2006375.13 KB221 times508 times0
Nora Istrefi > The One21/12/20063.22 MB322 times1673 times4
Nora Istrefi > Taxi21/12/20063.89 MB377 times1881 times8
Nora Istrefi > Shko Tash21/12/20063.22 MB361 times1396 times4
Nora Istrefi > Mix21/12/20063.06 MB326 times1741 times2
Nora Istrefi > Maskara21/12/20063.67 MB382 times2132 times17
Nora Istrefi > Festa Ime21/12/20062.84 MB234 times760 times5
Nora Istrefi > Edhe pas teje21/12/20063.01 MB253 times941 times2
Nora Istrefi > Ajo te pelqen21/12/20063.41 MB426 times2977 times11
Nora Istrefi > Nuk Dua (Me Getoarin) - Special Edition!05/08/20063.79 MB369 times5602 times9
Nora Istrefi > Stereotip29/06/20062.90 MB438 times2687 times5
Nora Istrefi > S`dua të shoh më29/06/20063.20 MB349 times2995 times3
Nora Istrefi > Nuk mundem29/06/20063.18 MB376 times1436 times6
Nora Istrefi > Një djalë29/06/20063.32 MB495 times3958 times8
Nora Istrefi > Ku je29/06/20063.39 MB341 times2705 times0
Nora Istrefi > E di29/06/20062.54 MB474 times7088 times12
Nora Istrefi > 1000 Herë29/06/20063.39 MB642 times7500 times11
Nora Istrefi > Dëgjo cka po të them28/06/20062.97 MB472 times3938 times8

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