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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Smajl Puraj > 5 Minuta24/06/20136.08 MB138 times35 times0
Smajl Puraj > Dashurinë e gabuam24/06/20137.27 MB110 times39 times0
Smajl Puraj > Unikat24/06/20133.77 MB127 times37 times0
Smajl Puraj > Viola - Potpuri31/01/201311.93 MB169 times71 times0
Smajl Puraj > Party31/01/20134.04 MB101 times33 times0
Smajl Puraj > Si fëmijë u dashuruam31/07/20125.04 MB159 times92 times0
Smajl Puraj > Shpresa e fundit31/07/20124.84 MB144 times59 times0
Smajl Puraj > Pse po shkon31/07/20125.54 MB135 times49 times0
Smajl Puraj > Larg në gyrbet31/07/20124.48 MB137 times58 times0
Smajl Puraj > Kur të pendohesh31/07/20124.92 MB121 times38 times0
Smajl Puraj > Jetën kisha me ta dhan31/07/20123.78 MB119 times50 times0
Smajl Puraj > Dass du andres bist31/07/20123.92 MB101 times36 times0
Smajl Puraj > Kur të pendohem21/06/20113.27 MB364 times206 times0
Smajl Puraj > Pse po shkon21/06/20113.69 MB390 times153 times0
Smajl Puraj > Si fëmi u dashuruam21/06/20113.35 MB281 times152 times0
Smajl Puraj > Das dus andres bist21/06/20112.61 MB247 times132 times0
Smajl Puraj > Larg në gurbet21/06/20112.98 MB327 times183 times0
Smajl Puraj > Shpresa e fundit21/06/20113.22 MB256 times167 times0
Smajl Puraj > Asnjëherë21/06/20112.87 MB244 times118 times0
Smajl Puraj > Jetën kishe me të dhan21/06/20112.51 MB198 times94 times0
Smajl Puraj > Ende të dua21/06/20113.17 MB263 times149 times0
Smajl Puraj > Kënga e nuses - Remix25/01/20112.58 MB458 times220 times0
Smajl Puraj > Luj zeshkane23/06/20103.39 MB620 times514 times0
Smajl Puraj > Mos harro23/06/20103.50 MB428 times372 times0
Smajl Puraj > Të dua vetëm ty23/06/20103.38 MB403 times353 times0
Smajl Puraj > Afërdita23/06/20103.38 MB371 times243 times0
Smajl Puraj > Dashuria e vjetër23/06/20103.00 MB393 times260 times0
Smajl Puraj > Jetë o jetë23/06/20103.24 MB336 times221 times0
Smajl Puraj > Morri bukuri23/06/20103.31 MB329 times216 times0
Smajl Puraj > Ndoshta një ditë23/06/20103.18 MB317 times214 times0
Smajl Puraj > Ti beqare23/06/20102.71 MB343 times242 times0
Smajl Puraj > Viola - Potpuri 200823/12/20077.76 MB523 times12576 times80
Smajl Puraj > Dj Doni - Tallava - Remix11/12/20074.39 MB391 times2844 times2
Smajl Puraj > Veq nje shans 200728/07/20072.92 MB325 times5405 times18
Smajl Puraj > Tregom pse 200728/07/20072.75 MB293 times3514 times7
Smajl Puraj > Ti veq ti 200728/07/20073.45 MB350 times3713 times25
Smajl Puraj > Sonte ose kurr 200728/07/20072.76 MB329 times3412 times11
Smajl Puraj > Sikur ti 200728/07/20072.67 MB310 times2525 times7
Smajl Puraj > Nusja moderne 200728/07/20073.60 MB338 times4019 times7
Smajl Puraj > Me bukurine tende 200728/07/20072.54 MB303 times2435 times9
Smajl Puraj > Gjermania para ska 200728/07/20073.20 MB347 times6356 times26
Smajl Puraj > E pa bese 200728/07/20073.47 MB325 times3265 times9
Smajl Puraj > Bama hallall moj nan 200728/07/20073.72 MB485 times15010 times140
Smajl Puraj > Avanturiste 200728/07/20072.82 MB317 times3470 times8
Smajl Puraj > Pranoje11/07/20063.06 MB409 times2361 times0

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