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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Teuta Selimi > E pa shpresë17/07/20133.67 MB584 times209 times0
Teuta Selimi > As kismet e as e shkrume31/01/20133.22 MB670 times211 times0
Teuta Selimi > Cka po loton or bylbyl31/01/20132.47 MB362 times93 times0
Teuta Selimi > Sille qiko at mindil31/01/20134.98 MB370 times81 times0
Teuta Selimi > Kush don let feston18/08/20123.21 MB779 times607 times0
Teuta Selimi > Ti në zemrën time - Live 201204/08/20124.27 MB440 times166 times0
Teuta Selimi > Tallava - Live 201204/08/20124.36 MB482 times184 times0
Teuta Selimi > Rend e rend - Live 201204/08/20123.14 MB297 times108 times0
Teuta Selimi > Po knojna me lodër - Live 201204/08/20124.61 MB248 times108 times0
Teuta Selimi > Plagët e mija - Live 201204/08/201210.48 MB288 times86 times0
Teuta Selimi > Luhet vallja - Live 201204/08/20122.75 MB283 times89 times0
Teuta Selimi > Kur do bëhesh nuse - Live 201204/08/20123.15 MB237 times87 times0
Teuta Selimi > Zemër më dogji malli - Live 201204/08/20124.34 MB205 times68 times0
Teuta Selimi > Buzët digjen - Live 201204/08/20125.86 MB225 times94 times0
Teuta Selimi > Krejt po sillen - Live 201204/08/20123.61 MB266 times113 times0
Teuta Selimi > Miqt e mi03/08/20113.94 MB945 times772 times0
Teuta Selimi > Ball përball03/08/20113.50 MB749 times476 times0
Teuta Selimi > Knoni qika03/08/20113.39 MB740 times378 times0
Teuta Selimi > Ma nuk jemi pa03/08/20113.31 MB612 times269 times0
Teuta Selimi > Ska shanca03/08/20113.18 MB635 times220 times0
Teuta Selimi > Falli03/08/20113.35 MB845 times333 times0
Teuta Selimi > Magnet03/08/20114.29 MB719 times537 times0
Teuta Selimi > Më ke ba gjysë njeri03/08/20112.65 MB627 times272 times0
Teuta Selimi > Ball për ball24/01/20115.08 MB1088 times811 times0
Teuta Selimi > Zemër më dogji malli13/07/20102.89 MB1019 times572 times1
Teuta Selimi > Ti në zemrën time13/07/20102.85 MB844 times473 times2
Teuta Selimi > Tallava13/07/20102.91 MB1140 times677 times0
Teuta Selimi > Rend me rend13/07/20103.14 MB698 times329 times0
Teuta Selimi > Po knojna me lodër13/07/20103.07 MB593 times328 times0
Teuta Selimi > Plagët e mia13/07/20106.98 MB649 times253 times0
Teuta Selimi > Oj Lulije13/07/20103.23 MB906 times438 times0
Teuta Selimi > Luhet vallja13/07/20102.75 MB658 times308 times0
Teuta Selimi > Kur do bahesh nuse13/07/20103.15 MB633 times314 times0
Teuta Selimi > Kthehu or vëlla13/07/20104.54 MB569 times181 times0
Teuta Selimi > Krejt po sillet13/07/20103.61 MB752 times336 times0
Teuta Selimi > Buzët digjen13/07/20103.90 MB575 times211 times1
Teuta Selimi > Shokut03/07/20102.49 MB693 times406 times1
Teuta Selimi > Puthje mëkatare18/04/20102.07 MB799 times400 times0
Teuta Selimi > Ti pishman ke me i ra07/07/20081.46 MB752 times4503 times2
Teuta Selimi > Shkojshin e thojshin07/07/20081.34 MB752 times3105 times5
Teuta Selimi > Per ty djale07/07/20081.58 MB709 times2346 times2
Teuta Selimi > Para meje lun e qesh07/07/20081.72 MB705 times1698 times1
Teuta Selimi > Mir po lujka lojen07/07/20081.01 MB625 times1497 times1
Teuta Selimi > Me ti puth dy syt e ballit07/07/20081.17 MB652 times1796 times3
Teuta Selimi > Lamtumir07/07/20081.50 MB1182 times3794 times11
Teuta Selimi > Kur dola te dera07/07/20081.05 MB731 times1943 times3
Teuta Selimi > Maturantet05/06/20087.50 MB829 times13662 times96
Teuta Selimi > Labi - Live ne Bolero24/01/20083.78 MB652 times7121 times48
Teuta Selimi > Tallava24/01/200814.07 MB1189 times12788 times91
Teuta Selimi > Zemer11/01/20083.47 MB628 times7032 times34
Teuta Selimi > Ste vjen keq11/01/20083.97 MB1172 times6345 times23
Teuta Selimi > Smundem me u nda11/01/20083.95 MB830 times6441 times29
Teuta Selimi > Me nuk jemi pa11/01/20082.78 MB611 times4558 times13
Teuta Selimi > Mallkuar qofte11/01/20083.10 MB1067 times5389 times20
Teuta Selimi > Do ta them ne sy11/01/20083.65 MB722 times5476 times36
Teuta Selimi > Djale i mire11/01/20083.03 MB1446 times3155 times12
Teuta Selimi > Femer27/12/20074.33 MB652 times5458 times35
Teuta Selimi > E din 200727/06/20074.11 MB738 times4068 times23

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