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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Afrim Muçiqi > Ymer Bajrami, Halime Mani, Lendita Selimi - Potpuri31/01/20139.63 MB451 times99 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Zgjohu nuse pak ma herët31/07/20121.93 MB572 times204 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Dasma31/07/20121.95 MB569 times172 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Tallava 201230/07/201211.27 MB550 times211 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Kthehu moj Zemër02/05/20113.28 MB1264 times697 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Kjo buka e gurbetit06/02/20114.39 MB1446 times786 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Moj Selvie06/02/20113.10 MB1207 times575 times1
Afrim Muçiqi > Fatushi02/08/2010628.70 KB1378 times654 times1
Afrim Muçiqi > A po vjen në pushim20/07/20102.06 MB1206 times662 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Bani të fala zemrës tem20/07/20102.45 MB1098 times542 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Dashurija ime e vjetër20/07/20102.92 MB1046 times456 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Dasma20/07/20102.11 MB1196 times557 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Humbi dashurija20/07/20102.30 MB887 times343 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Instrumental20/07/20104.00 MB898 times283 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Kur të takova20/07/20102.39 MB888 times335 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Më tranove krejt20/07/20102.83 MB897 times326 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Në gurbet20/07/20102.37 MB931 times381 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Së bashku do ta kallim20/07/20102.72 MB1013 times379 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Sonte s`ka me fjet20/07/20101.86 MB860 times277 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Xheloze20/07/20102.27 MB940 times297 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Labinot Tahiri - Instrumentale20/04/20102.54 MB1080 times427 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Labinot Tahiri - O moj kosovare20/04/20102.68 MB1207 times716 times1
Afrim Muçiqi > Labinot Tahiri - Kënga lyp atmosferë20/04/20102.60 MB1093 times610 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Labinot Tahiri - Luje20/04/20102.37 MB960 times505 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Labinot Tahiri - S`jam për avantura20/04/20102.56 MB819 times398 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Labinot Tahiri - Jam mërzit20/04/20102.54 MB1027 times621 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Labinot Tahiri - Dashnia nuk ndalet20/04/20103.73 MB919 times500 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Labinot Tahiri - Merma zemrën20/04/20102.40 MB953 times535 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Labinot Tahiri - Ti je ma e mira20/04/20102.65 MB1066 times879 times1
Afrim Muçiqi > Tallava29/07/200811.17 MB1318 times6931 times24
Afrim Muçiqi > Eli05/06/20081.66 MB894 times6437 times18
Afrim Muçiqi > Kenge Live 421/05/20084.81 MB1075 times4586 times12
Afrim Muçiqi > Kenge Live 321/05/200819.24 MB933 times2899 times7
Afrim Muçiqi > Kenge Live 221/05/200821.97 MB984 times3167 times4
Afrim Muçiqi > Kenge Live 121/05/200816.58 MB1074 times3607 times8
Afrim Muçiqi > Prej Kosove ne gurbet28/03/20085.13 MB884 times4710 times16
Afrim Muçiqi > Meli Meli23/12/20072.74 MB986 times8491 times43
Afrim Muçiqi > Ushton deti driddhet shpia 200719/11/20073.73 MB1104 times5538 times12
Afrim Muçiqi > Thrret Sulltani haber prej teli 200719/11/20073.04 MB907 times2836 times4
Afrim Muçiqi > Thrret Prizreni mori Shkoder 200719/11/20073.93 MB1236 times6960 times24
Afrim Muçiqi > Shemsi Pasha 200719/11/20073.44 MB739 times1838 times5
Afrim Muçiqi > N`Mitrovice na rreh teli 200719/11/20073.44 MB868 times2886 times6
Afrim Muçiqi > More nane e zeza nane 200719/11/20072.95 MB843 times2510 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Llapashtic kersiti pushka 200719/11/20073.44 MB779 times1873 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Kenga e Zahir Pajazitit 200719/11/20072.95 MB790 times2435 times11
Afrim Muçiqi > Bije e nanes, bij moj sugare 200719/11/20073.61 MB1023 times2301 times3
Afrim Muçiqi > Potpuri21/02/20075.99 MB1123 times2918 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Xhelozija21/02/20074.22 MB959 times1942 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Brigjeve të Llapit28/01/20072.27 MB900 times1609 times1
Afrim Muçiqi > Yjet - Potpuri25/12/20065.57 MB1120 times3319 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Une ti due syte e shkruar20/12/20062.57 MB812 times2210 times1
Afrim Muçiqi > Te gjithe miq e shoke20/12/20064.99 MB1222 times4662 times8
Afrim Muçiqi > Kush u cue20/12/20064.19 MB873 times2467 times2
Afrim Muçiqi > Bija e llapit20/12/20065.30 MB931 times2713 times6
Afrim Muçiqi > Me mire shko20/12/20064.02 MB843 times1569 times2
Afrim Muçiqi > Turbo Tallava - Live - 327/08/20067.73 MB1097 times4006 times6
Afrim Muçiqi > Turbo Tallava - Live - 227/08/200625.00 MB1028 times3880 times6
Afrim Muçiqi > Turbo Tallava - Live - 127/08/200635.01 MB1285 times5759 times12
Afrim Muçiqi > Sot Flamuri14/07/20065.43 MB875 times1677 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Kush e nisi luften i pari14/07/20062.72 MB893 times2884 times2
Afrim Muçiqi > Bollë rrena të kanë folë11/07/20063.63 MB875 times4928 times3
Afrim Muçiqi > Ty t`kam marrë me sevda06/07/20063.11 MB751 times2655 times1
Afrim Muçiqi > Ti beqare unë beqar06/07/20063.86 MB920 times4529 times6
Afrim Muçiqi > Për sevda e disponim06/07/20063.39 MB802 times3010 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Mirë se erdhe nusja jonë06/07/20063.71 MB988 times3856 times1
Afrim Muçiqi > Marr bardakun ujë me pi06/07/20063.26 MB825 times2838 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Kur ecë rrugës06/07/20062.25 MB769 times2656 times0
Afrim Muçiqi > Dil moj hanë na ban dritë06/07/20063.54 MB853 times3709 times1
Afrim Muçiqi > Boll e mirë koke moj qik06/07/20063.85 MB870 times8190 times4
Afrim Muçiqi > Potpuri Dasmash04/07/20069.69 MB1589 times7010 times9
Afrim Muçiqi > Prap te dua03/07/20063.29 MB1006 times3294 times2
Afrim Muçiqi > Potpuri Baladash03/07/20068.39 MB1108 times3262 times1
Afrim Muçiqi > E Mallkuar03/07/20064.65 MB1063 times4371 times10
Afrim Muçiqi > U Largove03/07/20065.31 MB1103 times4145 times2
Afrim Muçiqi > Mos Mendo Se te Harroj.03/07/20063.77 MB1364 times5507 times11

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