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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Soni Malaj > Kënga31/01/20134.68 MB145 times46 times0
Soni Malaj > Elida Bardhi - Me mua02/10/20125.10 MB162 times114 times0
Soni Malaj > Nën lëkurën tënde03/08/20113.32 MB1684 times1689 times0
Soni Malaj > Angel26/04/20105.41 MB589 times439 times1
Soni Malaj > Të pëlqej koxha26/04/20106.07 MB697 times451 times0
Soni Malaj > Zemër e pa kurdisur26/04/20106.65 MB695 times619 times1
Soni Malaj > Feeling26/04/20105.26 MB336 times189 times0
Soni Malaj > Kalle mos ta nin26/04/20102.90 MB1041 times1031 times1
Soni Malaj > Jo s`qaj26/04/20107.49 MB466 times260 times1
Soni Malaj > Nën lëkuren tënde26/04/20106.48 MB594 times606 times2
Soni Malaj > Varavingo26/04/20105.68 MB318 times166 times0
Soni Malaj > Ghetto Gold - Zona zero26/04/20107.43 MB374 times219 times0
Soni Malaj > Stine - Ti je ok26/04/20103.28 MB390 times260 times0
Soni Malaj > Me faj, pa faj28/07/20083.86 MB1251 times45280 times11
Soni Malaj > Kenaqesi qe u pam09/05/20083.12 MB338 times4014 times22
Soni Malaj > Pres me shum nga ti11/01/20084.74 MB295 times6713 times42
Soni Malaj > Edhe pak27/12/20075.05 MB273 times3782 times23
Soni Malaj > ZigZag27/12/20072.21 MB514 times4768 times23
Soni Malaj > Të dua ty26/10/20075.12 MB761 times1512 times1
Soni Malaj > Zjar21/12/20063.10 MB421 times2288 times0
Soni Malaj > Zemer Lozonjare21/12/20063.12 MB334 times1693 times5
Soni Malaj > Une per ty nuk qava21/12/20063.30 MB365 times1910 times3
Soni Malaj > Shko21/12/20063.41 MB521 times1942 times4
Soni Malaj > Nje me dy21/12/20063.51 MB769 times2048 times2
Soni Malaj > Lujma Belin21/12/20063.95 MB410 times1881 times0
Soni Malaj > Lag e tere21/12/20064.72 MB234 times1169 times1
Soni Malaj > Eja21/12/20063.63 MB271 times1378 times1
Soni Malaj > Eja ne ballkan21/12/20062.90 MB303 times1382 times3
Soni Malaj > E Vogla21/12/20063.28 MB1097 times3623 times8
Soni Malaj > Djemte me ngacmojne21/12/20062.91 MB598 times2467 times4
Soni Malaj > Ndarja21/12/20062.90 MB538 times5670 times17
Soni Malaj > Se kupton sa mua15/09/20063.20 MB285 times2694 times0
Soni Malaj > Pa lot15/09/20063.81 MB243 times2359 times1
Soni Malaj > Energji15/09/20063.67 MB205 times1599 times1
Soni Malaj > Do të vi15/09/20063.31 MB506 times4467 times2
Soni Malaj > Djalë e dreq15/09/20063.36 MB363 times3128 times3
Soni Malaj > Djalë i ri15/09/20062.94 MB355 times3158 times0
Soni Malaj > Blue Jeans15/09/20063.38 MB254 times3861 times0

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