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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Vëllezërit Gashi > Sna ndan fisi jo as feja24/06/20136.99 MB322 times104 times0
Vëllezërit Gashi > Këngë për UÇK dhe një valle25/10/201210.77 MB414 times134 times0
Vëllezërit Gashi > Kënga e Maxhar Pashës25/10/20128.07 MB219 times96 times0
Vëllezërit Gashi > Bisedë dhe kënga e Ali Rrustemit25/10/201211.18 MB179 times72 times0
Vëllezërit Gashi > Vëllezërit Haradinaj01/08/20124.28 MB176 times109 times0
Vëllezërit Gashi > Mark Avdyli01/08/20129.99 MB138 times89 times0
Vëllezërit Gashi > Sa më ka marr malli me të pa25/05/20103.22 MB997 times589 times0
Vëllezërit Gashi > Adem Jashari 200706/08/20077.65 MB723 times4257 times16
Vëllezërit Gashi > Imer Popovci 200706/08/20078.58 MB610 times2512 times12
Vëllezërit Gashi > UCK me dy krena20/01/20074.50 MB630 times3456 times3
Vëllezërit Gashi > A po ngoni ju shqiptar20/01/20075.69 MB715 times5727 times3
Vëllezërit Gashi > Thret Prizreni mori Shkoder20/01/20075.26 MB775 times5890 times13
Vëllezërit Gashi > Maxhar Pasha20/01/20073.45 MB466 times2385 times3
Vëllezërit Gashi > Isa Begu20/01/20074.26 MB503 times2282 times2
Vëllezërit Gashi > Per flamurin kuq e Zi20/01/20076.43 MB595 times2756 times2
Vëllezërit Gashi > Zahir Pajaziti20/01/200710.71 MB647 times4497 times21

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