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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Mahmut Ferati > Si je06/07/20133.62 MB620 times158 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Vonë06/07/20134.87 MB848 times125 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Bija ime06/07/20133.72 MB565 times137 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Dasëm tmadhe jem tu ba06/07/20133.21 MB507 times145 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Ja me gru, ja me vlla06/07/20134.11 MB633 times145 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Kohë e humbur06/07/20134.59 MB724 times102 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Le tna vinë dasmorët06/07/20135.46 MB456 times89 times0
Mahmut Ferati > O mor bilbil me penda jeshil06/07/20131.49 MB542 times133 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Rob i dashnisë06/07/20133.52 MB454 times100 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Live02/02/20137.82 MB1363 times73 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Pavarësia01/02/20133.51 MB435 times74 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Loti në faqe01/02/20133.44 MB874 times169 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Shyhrete Behluli - Çka po më rrin karrshi karrshi01/02/20134.82 MB902 times231 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Kujtoje30/01/20135.89 MB878 times147 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Kujtoje ni zemër30/01/20134.42 MB591 times102 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Nënës31/07/20123.41 MB1210 times397 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Lumja nëna31/07/20124.11 MB1000 times225 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Në mërgim u treta31/07/20123.74 MB1059 times317 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Me ty asnjëherë31/07/20123.33 MB856 times209 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Kam ba be31/07/20123.70 MB871 times200 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Kujtoje31/07/20124.05 MB850 times223 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Trokas31/07/20123.48 MB763 times172 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Sille botën kejt31/07/20123.20 MB1176 times262 times0
Mahmut Ferati > I zoti i shpisë31/07/20125.49 MB1067 times239 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Me mu qike02/08/20112.89 MB2257 times773 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Qikën e qojna nuse02/08/20112.67 MB1966 times551 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Ndoshta isha pak e re02/08/20113.47 MB1925 times513 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Pikon loti02/08/20113.22 MB1966 times611 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Kush po knon pa mërzi02/08/20113.61 MB1823 times527 times0
Mahmut Ferati > I zoti i shpis02/08/20111.93 MB1572 times465 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Harro zemër që ke dashtë02/08/20113.60 MB1769 times515 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Ti e din ilaqin tem02/08/20113.64 MB1612 times435 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Ka me të ardhë prej Zoti02/08/20113.14 MB1590 times459 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Hajde mysafirë02/08/20113.37 MB1475 times327 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Çka po më nem02/08/20113.81 MB1363 times298 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Ta bashkojm Shqipërinë12/03/20113.33 MB2303 times927 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Tuci e trimi12/03/20112.27 MB2146 times780 times0
Mahmut Ferati > U nisa nga Tirana12/03/20113.25 MB1996 times595 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Zani i shpirtiti tim12/03/20112.61 MB2063 times605 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Sylejman Kuka12/03/20112.32 MB1634 times324 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Sokol Sopi12/03/20112.86 MB1549 times218 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Hamdi Hajzeri12/03/20112.94 MB1502 times217 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Motra e Ushtarit12/03/20114.01 MB1837 times445 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Rrahman Bajraktari12/03/20113.46 MB1497 times196 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Hajzer Rexhepi12/03/20113.55 MB1505 times195 times0
Mahmut Ferati > A ke zemër - Remix25/01/20113.52 MB2057 times472 times0
Mahmut Ferati > A ke zemër13/07/20103.62 MB3004 times1583 times3
Mahmut Ferati > Cucë e bukur13/07/20104.52 MB2356 times895 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Mixhoku merakli13/07/20103.46 MB2308 times858 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Na erdh dita13/07/20103.41 MB2309 times733 times1
Mahmut Ferati > Shpejt më ke haru13/07/20103.50 MB2383 times752 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Shtatë udhë e shtatë mahall13/07/20103.62 MB2258 times692 times1
Mahmut Ferati > Zemrat që ndahen13/07/20104.24 MB2288 times730 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Pse po provokon13/07/20104.36 MB2257 times651 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Shyhrete Behluli - Iku beqaria20/04/20102.94 MB2761 times1393 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Shyhrete Behluli - Ti te dada e ki venin20/04/20102.91 MB2594 times1280 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Shyhrete Behluli - Urime nga libëria20/04/20102.55 MB2149 times542 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Shyhrete Behluli - Herë vjen, herë nuk vjen20/04/20102.46 MB2424 times992 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Shyhrete Behluli - Dasht e pa dasht20/04/20102.94 MB2267 times782 times1
Mahmut Ferati > Shyhrete Behluli - Halle, halle, është kjo jetë20/04/20102.53 MB2734 times1021 times1
Mahmut Ferati > Shyhrete Behluli - Ti në zemrën time20/04/20102.89 MB2436 times857 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Shyhrete Behluli - A me të than20/04/20103.16 MB2350 times704 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Shyhrete Behluli - A po shkojm te shoku jonë20/04/20102.94 MB2244 times614 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Shyhrete Behluli - Moj e mira te bunari20/04/20101.90 MB2467 times747 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Shyhrete Behluli - Ëndërra20/04/20102.42 MB2261 times500 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Shyhrete Behluli - Si ke puna për me dal20/04/20102.74 MB2399 times718 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Më mungon20/04/20108.84 MB2544 times755 times1
Mahmut Ferati > Mendo18/04/20104.31 MB2380 times400 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Prit n`aksham e prit n`sabah18/04/20103.84 MB2284 times494 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Se kam pritë18/04/20104.81 MB2382 times403 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Ndyshe fole, ndryshe dole18/04/20104.89 MB2199 times476 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Cigarja18/04/20106.16 MB2272 times631 times1
Mahmut Ferati > Nuk të deshta18/04/20104.74 MB2094 times316 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Më mbyte më ngjalle18/04/20105.31 MB2044 times317 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Kurgjë s`po i marrim kësaj bote18/04/20104.87 MB2083 times298 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Nuse tash je nise18/04/20105.29 MB2318 times391 times0
Mahmut Ferati > Shaqir Cervadiku - Skam lane vend pa permend05/06/20085.74 MB2387 times5516 times19
Mahmut Ferati > Shaqir Cervadiku - Pleqaret e Pavarsise05/06/20085.68 MB2158 times2918 times11
Mahmut Ferati > Shaqir Cervadiku - Nuk e di ma keq a ka05/06/20084.75 MB2211 times2910 times3
Mahmut Ferati > Shaqir Cervadiku - Netet pa babain05/06/20085.05 MB2037 times1921 times7
Mahmut Ferati > Shaqir Cervadiku - I meqmi dhe budalla05/06/20083.70 MB2385 times3328 times12
Mahmut Ferati > Shaqir Cervadiku - Hajde nuse05/06/20085.79 MB2085 times1838 times2
Mahmut Ferati > Shaqir Cervadiku - Borxhlija i keq05/06/20084.37 MB2251 times2634 times7
Mahmut Ferati > Shaqir Cervadiku - Ah dynjah05/06/20086.27 MB2097 times1795 times2
Mahmut Ferati > Netet pa Babain09/05/20084.18 MB2132 times10490 times62
Mahmut Ferati > Per Pavarsine28/03/20085.24 MB1943 times4674 times20
Mahmut Ferati > Sa here don me mbyt30/12/20072.98 MB2260 times20238 times112
Mahmut Ferati > Shaqir Cervadiku - Kam ra ne hall23/12/20073.27 MB2163 times7316 times19
Mahmut Ferati > Shaqir Cervadiku - Jane do burra23/12/20072.39 MB2247 times6182 times26
Mahmut Ferati > Meda - Potpuri11/12/20077.61 MB2693 times19937 times158
Mahmut Ferati > Tkam kerku 200721/07/20073.29 MB2114 times6606 times18
Mahmut Ferati > Te takova 200721/07/20073.70 MB2115 times6327 times23
Mahmut Ferati > Sa here 200721/07/20072.99 MB2012 times4021 times12
Mahmut Ferati > Perqafom 200721/07/20072.87 MB2185 times3438 times6
Mahmut Ferati > Loti ne faqe 200721/07/20073.44 MB2306 times12054 times67
Mahmut Ferati > Kreti i kisha fal 200721/07/20073.32 MB2124 times4154 times15
Mahmut Ferati > Fukara me gjepin plot 200721/07/20072.62 MB2162 times3240 times3
Mahmut Ferati > Dasht e pa dasht 200721/07/20073.27 MB2120 times3624 times11
Mahmut Ferati > Bukuri moj Bukuri26/02/20073.25 MB2046 times3918 times6
Mahmut Ferati > Kur Don Zemra26/02/20073.41 MB2079 times4636 times10
Mahmut Ferati > Jo Nuk Ndahet Mitrovica26/02/20073.45 MB1968 times2629 times6
Mahmut Ferati > Mos na luj Goc Synin26/02/20072.64 MB1967 times2386 times3
Mahmut Ferati > Po bjen Tupani26/02/20072.75 MB2049 times3644 times5
Mahmut Ferati > Ku po Shkojna Sonte26/02/20072.72 MB1935 times2742 times2
Mahmut Ferati > Moj Katile26/02/20073.00 MB2123 times4577 times13
Mahmut Ferati > Te gjithe ne valle26/02/20074.59 MB2122 times2859 times2
Mahmut Ferati > Në Prekaz vdes amaneti28/01/20074.37 MB2017 times3339 times5
Mahmut Ferati > Tash eshte vone21/12/20063.41 MB2075 times4513 times10
Mahmut Ferati > Shko21/12/20064.46 MB3210 times42641 times22
Mahmut Ferati > Mos me pyet21/12/20063.26 MB2099 times3424 times9
Mahmut Ferati > Mos me kerko21/12/20063.49 MB2536 times6952 times44
Mahmut Ferati > Maturanteve21/12/20063.69 MB2182 times7568 times56
Mahmut Ferati > Jeho kenga ime21/12/20062.77 MB2221 times3928 times10
Mahmut Ferati > Live në Danimarkë 327/08/200616.61 MB3076 times3367 times4
Mahmut Ferati > Live në Danimarkë 227/08/200622.54 MB2510 times3113 times3
Mahmut Ferati > Live në Danimarkë 127/08/200618.15 MB2881 times4286 times8
Mahmut Ferati > Ti larg meje do të jesh29/06/20063.28 MB2277 times5025 times14
Mahmut Ferati > Thuaj29/06/20063.79 MB3467 times7914 times8
Mahmut Ferati > Pse nuk erdhe29/06/20063.53 MB2448 times4847 times9
Mahmut Ferati > Pijaneci29/06/20062.80 MB2389 times5317 times6
Mahmut Ferati > Mos shko29/06/20064.36 MB2286 times6020 times2
Mahmut Ferati > Mos ma kujto ndarjen29/06/20062.95 MB2437 times7035 times13
Mahmut Ferati > Fajtor jam29/06/20063.28 MB2710 times11226 times19
Mahmut Ferati > Cauca e lalës29/06/20063.33 MB2499 times7934 times8

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