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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Shqipe Abazi > Tallava20/07/20134.88 MB974 times264 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Ardit Bexheti - Bonma ni qare14/05/20133.97 MB148 times59 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Dy minuta24/10/20122.67 MB250 times113 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Xheza - Në këtë botë12/09/20124.86 MB219 times105 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Xhela - Dikur ishim bashkë12/09/20125.70 MB192 times87 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Nazi - Kur ti putha buzët12/09/20128.52 MB194 times64 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Kurr nuk do ta fal12/09/20124.57 MB208 times85 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Kthehu, po të pres12/09/20126.44 MB200 times65 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Kam dy vajza12/09/20126.12 MB170 times58 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Jeleku kadife12/09/20125.17 MB133 times40 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Hajde gjithë në valle12/09/20125.90 MB186 times73 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Dashuri sekrete08/09/20125.40 MB127 times65 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Ti ke mbet10/08/20123.61 MB186 times75 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Vetes sja bëj hallall31/07/20123.64 MB134 times50 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Jetoj02/08/20113.57 MB402 times166 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Si një vit02/08/20113.52 MB308 times116 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Këngë gurbeti02/08/20113.17 MB485 times197 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Ishin puthje mëkatare02/08/20112.75 MB326 times114 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Oj Lulie lum kunata02/08/20113.16 MB357 times150 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Ngjitet kana02/08/20113.91 MB224 times96 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Shuni motra02/08/20111.52 MB291 times127 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Jam vajzë pa behane02/08/20112.68 MB296 times120 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Adrenalina02/08/20113.61 MB384 times205 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Jolla moj mihane02/08/20115.52 MB370 times170 times0
Shqipe Abazi > E vogël23/01/20113.70 MB434 times190 times2
Shqipe Abazi > Kush je ti01/07/20101.88 MB466 times202 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Ah kam ra në hall18/04/20104.00 MB554 times341 times1
Shqipe Abazi > S`te vjen keq17/08/20084.03 MB484 times2886 times6
Shqipe Abazi > Na vjen Dita edhe neve17/08/20084.67 MB407 times1620 times1
Shqipe Abazi > Mos me pyet se si jom17/08/20083.20 MB384 times1536 times2
Shqipe Abazi > Moj burbuqe lozonjare17/08/20082.78 MB308 times771 times1
Shqipe Abazi > Lumja Nana17/08/20084.05 MB449 times1349 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Luje Vallen17/08/20086.50 MB468 times1422 times0
Shqipe Abazi > Kush je ti17/08/20084.32 MB343 times978 times2
Shqipe Abazi > Kujton baba i Lules17/08/20082.98 MB418 times1206 times1
Shqipe Abazi > Do ta them ne sy17/08/20083.24 MB386 times979 times1
Shqipe Abazi > Ti prap Po Tradhton11/12/20074.82 MB491 times4744 times25
Shqipe Abazi > Kur nuk do ta fali 200727/06/20074.55 MB483 times3016 times3
Shqipe Abazi > Sot po te mallkoj21/12/20064.46 MB706 times4594 times8
Shqipe Abazi > Sikur ta din sa shum jane permballuar21/12/20066.01 MB447 times2276 times1
Shqipe Abazi > Sdua te mendoj per ty21/12/20063.85 MB505 times6574 times5

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