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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Minatori > Ne duart tua do te vdes - feat Ex King02/01/20082.48 MB805 times5319 times17
Minatori > Vetem une kam kohe per ty28/01/20073.55 MB578 times2101 times0
Minatori > Ti je C`do gje per Mua28/01/20072.97 MB512 times1869 times2
Minatori > Te Kujtoj dhe nuk kuptoj28/01/20072.67 MB688 times2358 times4
Minatori > Si shiu ne xham qe bjen28/01/20073.44 MB549 times1693 times1
Minatori > Shum mire u be qe shkove28/01/20073.10 MB505 times1457 times1
Minatori > Rruga eshte e gjate28/01/20072.74 MB432 times1478 times0
Minatori > Prane Shtepise tende Kaloj28/01/20072.83 MB516 times1655 times0
Minatori > Perseri28/01/20073.83 MB481 times5272 times3
Minatori > Orgazmi vjen prej Syve28/01/20073.05 MB432 times1182 times1
Minatori > Nuk mund te harroj28/01/20074.05 MB386 times1379 times1
Minatori > Ngosh te Dhimes28/01/20073.63 MB382 times938 times0
Minatori > Ndoshta jam i Cmendur28/01/20073.05 MB441 times1392 times1
Minatori > Nata me Shi28/01/20073.04 MB458 times1636 times3
Minatori > Me Pelqen si Vishesh28/01/20073.49 MB440 times1453 times2
Minatori > Kthehu ne Krapte28/01/20072.71 MB344 times988 times2
Minatori > Kjo kohe e eger S`eshte per ty28/01/20072.79 MB364 times1066 times0
Minatori > Edhe nje jete un do te pres28/01/20073.06 MB463 times1811 times1
Minatori > Dil nga Vetmia28/01/20073.94 MB384 times2219 times1
Minatori > Arjeta28/01/20072.65 MB484 times1691 times1
Minatori > T`dua sa Kosoven28/01/20073.58 MB637 times4726 times5
Minatori > T`dua sa Kosoven (Instrumentale)28/01/20074.12 MB426 times2910 times4
Minatori > Shfletoj Gazeten per ty mendoj28/01/20073.99 MB530 times3143 times11
Minatori > Ore e prishur28/01/20074.00 MB356 times998 times0
Minatori > Nuk po me kerset28/01/20074.19 MB367 times1514 times3
Minatori > Nuk e di cka eshte mire28/01/20074.16 MB396 times1072 times0
Minatori > Nuk Besoj Ne Politike28/01/20073.94 MB367 times1160 times2
Minatori > Njeriu i fundit ne planete28/01/20073.20 MB356 times1218 times0
Minatori > Mose me shaj28/01/20072.85 MB381 times1357 times1
Minatori > Mos Harro Evrope28/01/20073.51 MB417 times1121 times1
Minatori > Molla me sherbet28/01/20074.87 MB531 times3526 times5
Minatori > Kenge Mllefi28/01/20073.89 MB394 times1436 times0
Minatori > Engjell28/01/20073.55 MB422 times1518 times1
Minatori > Emri yte eshte Plag28/01/20074.11 MB361 times1143 times2
Minatori > E di se do te Shoh28/01/20074.89 MB470 times1591 times1
Minatori > Coca Cola28/01/20072.38 MB412 times1333 times0
Minatori > Brezi im28/01/20074.37 MB319 times1115 times0
Minatori > Babai im28/01/20074.12 MB428 times1844 times1
Minatori > Me vjen te qaj, Me vjen te Shaj28/01/20074.81 MB486 times1958 times2
Minatori > Mihane28/01/20071.65 MB608 times4082 times5
Minatori > Udha e mbare te qoft21/12/20061.84 MB590 times3535 times0
Minatori > Ne duart tua do te vdes21/12/20063.25 MB479 times2188 times0
Minatori > Idioti im21/12/20061.43 MB467 times1762 times0
Minatori > A thua ender je ti21/12/20065.62 MB721 times4848 times7

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