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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Rovena Dilo > Dorëzohem30/04/20104.90 MB398 times386 times1
Rovena Dilo > Çelëm30/04/20104.32 MB160 times108 times0
Rovena Dilo > Fama30/04/20104.04 MB148 times84 times0
Rovena Dilo > Fjalët e qiriut30/04/20104.17 MB198 times110 times0
Rovena Dilo > Thellëzat30/04/20104.97 MB99 times73 times0
Rovena Dilo > Më dhe dritë nga syri yt30/04/20104.15 MB133 times93 times0
Rovena Dilo > Kurr mos më lësho - Remix30/04/20104.82 MB135 times78 times0
Rovena Dilo > Mëmëdheu30/04/20104.04 MB134 times88 times0
Rovena Dilo > Mimoza e dashurisë30/04/20104.17 MB252 times146 times0
Rovena Dilo > Kam frikë nga dashuria30/04/20104.05 MB214 times114 times0
Rovena Dilo > Ftujka30/04/20105.91 MB91 times42 times0
Rovena Dilo > Dega e dafinës30/04/20105.79 MB92 times57 times0
Rovena Dilo > Si zogj me cicërima30/04/20103.90 MB143 times95 times0
Rovena Dilo > Nën kurorën e ullirit30/04/20103.59 MB96 times45 times0
Rovena Dilo > Përtej kohës - Bonus Track30/04/20104.55 MB90 times56 times0
Rovena Dilo > Sajmir Braho - Kur xhirohej një film08/03/20071.26 MB143 times1504 times4
Rovena Dilo > Udhëtim në pranverë08/03/20073.50 MB130 times993 times0
Rovena Dilo > Mimoza e dashurisë07/03/20073.31 MB183 times879 times1
Rovena Dilo > Në moshën e rinisë07/03/20073.23 MB137 times1156 times0
Rovena Dilo > Vajzë me kacurela07/03/20073.22 MB130 times829 times0
Rovena Dilo > Këputa një gjethe dafinë07/03/20074.71 MB100 times771 times0
Rovena Dilo > Per nje cast me ndali Zemra21/12/20064.07 MB212 times2284 times3
Rovena Dilo > Jeta eshte e shenjet21/12/20063.98 MB102 times727 times0
Rovena Dilo > Fjalet....21/12/20064.31 MB95 times663 times0
Rovena Dilo > Dashuria21/12/20063.45 MB164 times854 times1
Rovena Dilo > Ante i tokes sime21/12/20064.44 MB126 times1295 times4

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