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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Rifat Berisha > Kur jom kan ni vakt i ri01/08/20123.86 MB345 times186 times0
Rifat Berisha > Boll e mirë në ato shpate01/08/20123.28 MB291 times97 times0
Rifat Berisha > Vëllezërit Maraj10/07/20106.42 MB671 times338 times0
Rifat Berisha > Skender Maraj10/07/20109.60 MB402 times162 times0
Rifat Berisha > Selman Lokaj10/07/20107.73 MB412 times183 times0
Rifat Berisha > Po ku je Anton Qeta10/07/20105.99 MB479 times241 times1
Rifat Berisha > Një bardhoke10/07/20107.92 MB465 times178 times1
Rifat Berisha > I pa harruar Ymer Berisha10/07/201016.05 MB422 times189 times0
Rifat Berisha > Dëshmori Afrim Gjuraj10/07/20108.23 MB380 times139 times1
Rifat Berisha > Boll e mir në at shpat10/07/20104.77 MB499 times266 times0
Rifat Berisha > Anton Qeta burr Kosovar10/07/20104.01 MB394 times174 times0
Rifat Berisha > Pavarsia30/12/20073.97 MB567 times7878 times57
Rifat Berisha > Vesel Bejte Nebihu12/09/20064.16 MB436 times2292 times9
Rifat Berisha > Ti je vet pranvere12/09/20063.63 MB453 times2431 times3
Rifat Berisha > N`qaf T`Morines (Fisnik Salihi)12/09/20065.00 MB574 times2747 times4
Rifat Berisha > Mos harro Kosove12/09/20062.49 MB628 times3916 times7
Rifat Berisha > Lahuta12/09/20065.42 MB582 times3901 times34
Rifat Berisha > Kullat e Dukagjinit12/09/20065.05 MB632 times3898 times16
Rifat Berisha > Jeton kenga per buze t`Drinit12/09/20062.53 MB505 times2496 times4
Rifat Berisha > Hysni Jetullahu12/09/20064.05 MB466 times1457 times6
Rifat Berisha > Dr. Xhevat Gashi12/09/20063.78 MB447 times1710 times1
Rifat Berisha > Demush Mavraj12/09/20064.62 MB349 times2274 times4
Rifat Berisha > Çohu Malesi (Hisen Arifi)12/09/20064.81 MB501 times4445 times3

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