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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Mad Lion > Vul me gjak21/06/20114.02 MB172 times80 times0
Mad Lion > DaKey - Ta jepi ni pallom06/05/20114.19 MB131 times62 times0
Mad Lion > Anonimos - I dashuri President12/03/20116.34 MB248 times118 times0
Mad Lion > Ta blej nje akullore27/12/20072.83 MB218 times3780 times23
Mad Lion > Mos m`thuj (feat Speya) 200727/06/20074.01 MB127 times2082 times6
Mad Lion > Lyrical Son - Kceni me mu20/01/20074.48 MB89 times678 times0
Mad Lion > Gabimet gjate inçizimeve27/08/2006236.22 KB78 times1256 times1
Mad Lion > Outro27/08/2006388.00 KB64 times628 times1
Mad Lion > Legs up (feat Lyrical Son)27/08/20062.70 MB82 times1234 times1
Mad Lion > Bounce27/08/20063.18 MB91 times1320 times1
Mad Lion > Leyla (feat Shpat Kasapi)27/08/20062.78 MB179 times2242 times3
Mad Lion > Ciao27/08/20063.15 MB123 times1303 times3
Mad Lion > Rram, rram27/08/20063.27 MB114 times1156 times0
Mad Lion > Interluded27/08/2006672.00 KB59 times580 times0
Mad Lion > Tre shqiptar joint po pijnë27/08/20063.39 MB147 times1422 times5
Mad Lion > Thire krejt mahallen27/08/20063.62 MB112 times1061 times0
Mad Lion > Vec edhe një herë27/08/20063.07 MB400 times2719 times16
Mad Lion > Gel Burda27/08/20062.88 MB256 times3160 times3
Mad Lion > 200 Km ne orë27/08/20063.18 MB164 times2084 times3
Mad Lion > Spe marr vesh (feat Genc)27/08/20063.20 MB107 times1245 times0
Mad Lion > Chicko27/08/20063.43 MB132 times1531 times3
Mad Lion > Krejt mahalla n`disko (feat Hekuran Krasniqi)27/08/20063.15 MB143 times4527 times4
Mad Lion > Intro27/08/2006480.00 KB74 times461 times1

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