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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Unikkatil > U qova pi vorri24/06/20135.86 MB324 times219 times0
Unikkatil > Qeni le mas miri31/07/20122.33 MB388 times338 times0
Unikkatil > Klepto - Kuq e zi30/07/20125.34 MB421 times536 times0
Unikkatil > Presioni - Kategori e rond29/07/20124.79 MB278 times216 times0
Unikkatil > D.M.K - Jam katil03/08/20114.44 MB1957 times1335 times0
Unikkatil > 2po2 - Fitore e sinqert31/05/20113.17 MB756 times736 times27
Unikkatil > feat Gjebraili - Trim i gjallë07/06/20104.80 MB1215 times1091 times3
Unikkatil > Kile Kile28/07/20087.80 MB1090 times11255 times186
Unikkatil > Outro23/12/20071.83 MB635 times5739 times125
Unikkatil > Tqoj pesh - feat VZ23/12/200710.05 MB788 times9592 times105
Unikkatil > Neper cka do - feat Tribun dhe Sacrifice23/12/20078.13 MB677 times5979 times46
Unikkatil > Cubat - feat The Bloody Alboz, Presioni N.A.G dhe VeB23/12/200716.63 MB682 times5543 times40
Unikkatil > Pak urti - feat Rameka dhe Dredha23/12/20079.23 MB661 times4955 times39
Unikkatil > Shtigjet e verteta - feat Pristine23/12/20079.07 MB758 times5617 times41
Unikkatil > Kaj - feat Prestine23/12/200710.05 MB675 times4833 times62
Unikkatil > Se skom qare - feat Presioni23/12/20077.79 MB708 times4049 times35
Unikkatil > Kur qes kanun - feat Klepto dhe N.A.G23/12/20078.70 MB883 times6158 times86
Unikkatil > Inati - feat DMC dhe Kobra23/12/20077.71 MB653 times3818 times46
Unikkatil > Mentaliteti jem - feat D.M.K dhe Rameka23/12/20079.28 MB631 times4279 times46
Unikkatil > Shihemi nperkujtime23/12/20076.33 MB686 times4979 times59
Unikkatil > Robt e frikes23/12/20076.41 MB739 times5596 times70
Unikkatil > Kanuni i Katilit23/12/20079.23 MB1110 times18035 times366
Unikkatil > Caku i arritun23/12/20078.77 MB606 times3762 times46
Unikkatil > Intro23/12/20072.42 MB512 times2333 times23
Unikkatil > Metafora - Zingjirt30/11/20064.58 MB593 times5457 times34
Unikkatil > Un e di kush jom - VZ feat. Unikkatil30/11/20066.13 MB601 times7026 times48
Unikkatil > Demtus - Unikkatil feat. Presioni & VZ30/11/20065.53 MB534 times5878 times19
Unikkatil > S`luja lojna - Unikkatil feat. Jeton, Presioni & Klepto30/11/20066.01 MB546 times5052 times32
Unikkatil > Prishtinali (Remix) - Unikkatil feat. Jeton & Presioni30/11/20064.80 MB670 times5557 times19
Unikkatil > Gatshem per pasoja - Unikkatil feat. Jeton & Dredha30/11/20063.71 MB516 times6139 times38
Unikkatil > Qa tha - Unikkatil30/11/20064.04 MB606 times7432 times51
Unikkatil > Armiq`t Suprem (Intro) - Unikkatil30/11/20061.35 MB552 times8709 times22
Unikkatil > Ku T`Meten Shokt (Remix) - Unikkatil feat. Jeton30/11/20063.02 MB656 times10861 times53
Unikkatil > T`part - Tornados30/11/20064.21 MB522 times5040 times26
Unikkatil > 1 Haver - Sacrifice feat. Tribun30/11/20066.21 MB549 times8063 times34
Unikkatil > Prishtine - Rameka feat. Unikkatil30/11/20064.77 MB530 times4193 times26
Unikkatil > Per pare une vras - Presioni feat. Hudra & Gem Belushi30/11/20065.03 MB544 times4389 times23
Unikkatil > Iliria - Presioni feat. Fat & Og04330/11/20065.03 MB484 times3977 times6
Unikkatil > Na jena - F-tim30/11/20064.39 MB511 times7907 times14
Unikkatil > S`osht si kujton - Era Corrupted30/11/20065.50 MB484 times4444 times12
Unikkatil > Reper i smut - Dredha30/11/20065.35 MB517 times3403 times14
Unikkatil > N`rrot s`ames (feat Milot & Jeton)15/09/20064.61 MB694 times9506 times67
Unikkatil > Gishtin E Tret (Feat B-52, Tee & Special-K)29/07/20061.76 MB550 times4642 times15
Unikkatil > Prishtinalit Nr.1 (Feat. Ye-Ton & Presioni)29/07/20063.06 MB664 times4250 times17
Unikkatil > A jeni Gati (Feat. AlboHolics)29/07/20064.44 MB567 times6133 times29
Unikkatil > Besnik I Rruges (Feat. 2PO2 & Imortel)29/07/20064.12 MB630 times5208 times24
Unikkatil > Hajde Nalna (Feat Bloody AlboZ)29/07/20064.51 MB563 times4700 times11
Unikkatil > Eci Neper Terr (Feat Cyanide)29/07/20064.24 MB641 times7590 times68
Unikkatil > Veq Fillimi (Feat. Cyanide & B52)29/07/20066.53 MB556 times4650 times17
Unikkatil > Vdekjen e sfidoj29/07/20065.98 MB745 times6416 times29
Unikkatil > Ule kryt (Feat Alboholics)29/07/20064.44 MB582 times4117 times12
Unikkatil > U Dont Get Me (Feat Z.E.F)29/07/20062.41 MB476 times3548 times13
Unikkatil > Qëndro29/07/20065.18 MB703 times5501 times36
Unikkatil > Mos T`Vjen Inati (Feat. Presioni & Z.E)29/07/20067.41 MB620 times6523 times18
Unikkatil > Mos Shaj Mas Shpine (Feat. Ye-Ton)29/07/20063.57 MB707 times7111 times51
Unikkatil > Krejt hajvan29/07/20064.19 MB713 times7263 times72
Unikkatil > Ju ha për s`gjali (Kushtuar Hisenit)29/07/20065.66 MB848 times9664 times130
Unikkatil > If i die, U die29/07/20063.60 MB631 times4345 times20
Unikkatil > Gjuj29/07/20065.48 MB623 times4792 times40
Unikkatil > E premte29/07/20063.31 MB628 times5237 times27
Unikkatil > Courage29/07/20063.34 MB556 times3596 times8
Unikkatil > Belagji linda, belagji vdes29/07/20065.33 MB672 times7602 times49
Unikkatil > Arsyetimi jem29/07/20064.36 MB703 times6894 times56
Unikkatil > International TBA (feat Presioni)29/07/20066.09 MB747 times4914 times62

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