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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Adem Ramadani > A ka taube Zot për mu12/07/201313.12 MB433 times158 times0
Adem Ramadani > Bunjel islamu ala hamsin12/07/20136.10 MB261 times75 times0
Adem Ramadani > Duro nënëloke12/07/20135.80 MB280 times64 times0
Adem Ramadani > Inil tejari12/07/20135.49 MB204 times48 times0
Adem Ramadani > Ja nebijj selam alejke12/07/20136.26 MB245 times90 times0
Adem Ramadani > Këndo o vëlla Kuran12/07/20137.02 MB283 times105 times0
Adem Ramadani > Ku jeni o Musliman12/07/20136.03 MB263 times61 times0
Adem Ramadani > Meulaja sal li12/07/20136.03 MB182 times59 times0
Adem Ramadani > Mirë se erdhe Ramazan12/07/20137.78 MB274 times89 times0
Adem Ramadani > Nëna me një sy12/07/201319.23 MB542 times149 times0
Adem Ramadani > Subhanallah12/07/20138.54 MB404 times73 times0
Adem Ramadani > Mubarek Ramazan29/07/20123.28 MB481 times326 times0
Adem Ramadani > Qaben spari kur e pashë29/07/20125.14 MB513 times312 times0
Adem Ramadani > Ulul Azmi29/07/20125.53 MB387 times214 times0
Adem Ramadani > Mirë se erdhe Ramazan29/07/20124.40 MB357 times241 times0
Adem Ramadani > Emrat e Allahut29/07/20122.66 MB404 times224 times0
Adem Ramadani > Kudo festë29/07/20124.05 MB284 times162 times0
Adem Ramadani > Kuran Rrad - 26-3029/07/20125.04 MB280 times121 times0
Adem Ramadani > Tekbire dhe salavate29/07/20122.49 MB308 times182 times0
Adem Ramadani > Ulul Azmi15/06/20114.75 MB1269 times958 times0
Adem Ramadani > U gëzua zemra e nënës15/06/20114.41 MB1432 times1137 times1
Adem Ramadani > Tamaqare e xhumert15/06/20113.31 MB996 times781 times0
Adem Ramadani > Ja Resulullah15/06/20113.49 MB922 times682 times0
Adem Ramadani > Ja Rabi15/06/20115.01 MB807 times542 times0
Adem Ramadani > Dera e huaj me shtatë dryna15/06/20113.91 MB1103 times936 times0
Adem Ramadani > Biseda me nefsin15/06/20112.93 MB740 times638 times0
Adem Ramadani > Kjo dynja si borra në diell15/06/20114.31 MB904 times720 times0
Adem Ramadani > Qysh na dul ky bedat - LIVE28/08/20102.52 MB1508 times823 times3
Adem Ramadani > Vin pampurat - Konaku20/04/20103.10 MB1384 times873 times1
Adem Ramadani > Ugurolla Pajazit be djale21/05/200810.35 MB1261 times11388 times70
Adem Ramadani > Shkurorezimi21/05/20083.81 MB1128 times10662 times92
Adem Ramadani > Selman Kadria21/05/20084.77 MB1225 times7176 times23
Adem Ramadani > Kurbeti21/05/20084.26 MB1503 times9744 times35
Adem Ramadani > Hysen Aga21/05/20084.67 MB1215 times5678 times26
Adem Ramadani > Cane Kalaja21/05/20083.53 MB915 times4126 times5
Adem Ramadani > Burrat e Sodit21/05/20084.20 MB1368 times9745 times87
Adem Ramadani > Brahim Pasha21/05/20086.89 MB847 times4095 times12
Adem Ramadani > Jo Jo - Remix19/11/20076.63 MB1156 times8438 times75
Adem Ramadani > Zgjohu31/01/20073.29 MB1010 times5812 times17
Adem Ramadani > Vjen Pranvera31/01/20073.36 MB1078 times5911 times19
Adem Ramadani > Lutjen Time31/01/20074.50 MB1119 times6454 times28
Adem Ramadani > Kam Mall31/01/20073.53 MB1200 times5977 times41
Adem Ramadani > Jetimi31/01/20074.42 MB1249 times9001 times50
Adem Ramadani > Ibrahim AS31/01/20073.51 MB993 times4524 times10
Adem Ramadani > Duro Nene Loke31/01/20073.80 MB1114 times7376 times12
Adem Ramadani > Dasma31/01/20074.15 MB1473 times13197 times106

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