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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Mirsa Kërceli > Si Magnet21/04/20132.89 MB181 times69 times0
Mirsa Kërceli > Granit Gashi - Single jom02/02/20134.95 MB111 times52 times0
Mirsa Kërceli > Taulant Bajraliu - Në sytë e tu02/02/20133.39 MB173 times56 times0
Mirsa Kërceli > Këtë natë18/06/20114.99 MB451 times326 times0
Mirsa Kërceli > Po të përbej moj selvie26/07/20105.45 MB336 times198 times0
Mirsa Kërceli > Ç`ke moj titi26/07/20102.50 MB230 times157 times1
Mirsa Kërceli > Kujton baba i Lules26/07/20102.50 MB324 times154 times0
Mirsa Kërceli > Na vjen dita26/07/20102.69 MB260 times121 times0
Mirsa Kërceli > Vet më the të dua26/07/20102.96 MB298 times203 times0
Mirsa Kërceli > Potpuri26/07/20104.99 MB253 times124 times0
Mirsa Kërceli > Duro zemër26/07/20102.25 MB303 times164 times0
Mirsa Kërceli > Eltoni - Lej foret19/07/20103.33 MB325 times354 times0
Mirsa Kërceli > Goodluck29/07/20083.03 MB307 times2190 times23
Mirsa Kërceli > Sjam e vetmja29/07/20083.18 MB409 times1543 times8
Mirsa Kërceli > De fakto29/07/20082.61 MB207 times861 times1
Mirsa Kërceli > Pervjetori28/07/20083.34 MB253 times1011 times5
Mirsa Kërceli > Pa tender28/07/20082.96 MB169 times691 times0
Mirsa Kërceli > Skom pesh28/07/20082.79 MB180 times672 times3
Mirsa Kërceli > Macho28/07/20083.01 MB215 times1109 times12
Mirsa Kërceli > Ne banesen time28/07/20082.80 MB290 times1831 times13
Mirsa Kërceli > Buzen mbi Buz28/07/20083.22 MB361 times7054 times61
Mirsa Kërceli > Histori per tjeret28/07/20082.87 MB218 times786 times3
Mirsa Kërceli > Kalon kjo faze28/07/20082.86 MB172 times630 times2
Mirsa Kërceli > Gentz - Ne semafor28/07/20082.56 MB186 times1696 times8
Mirsa Kërceli > Mos u fsheh28/07/20084.42 MB162 times608 times3
Mirsa Kërceli > Lyrical Son - Pune e madhe11/01/20083.08 MB506 times5567 times82
Mirsa Kërceli > Pritja27/12/20074.83 MB270 times3334 times38
Mirsa Kërceli > Anaconda - S`rrihet pa ty18/06/20073.26 MB189 times745 times5
Mirsa Kërceli > Dashuria Kushton20/07/20063.17 MB210 times5148 times7
Mirsa Kërceli > Djaloshi im (Remix)20/07/20063.73 MB286 times5315 times14
Mirsa Kërceli > Mallkuar qoftë20/07/20063.05 MB386 times3894 times9
Mirsa Kërceli > Indiferent20/07/20063.07 MB372 times4610 times9
Mirsa Kërceli > S`do të gaboje20/07/20062.86 MB181 times1772 times0
Mirsa Kërceli > Muzikë20/07/20063.16 MB161 times1524 times2
Mirsa Kërceli > Nuk e di20/07/20062.68 MB171 times2011 times1
Mirsa Kërceli > Te dua20/07/20063.31 MB293 times3291 times8
Mirsa Kërceli > Ti je një aktorë20/07/20063.04 MB223 times2408 times6

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