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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Xhemil Saliu > Dashuro moj qik08/05/20133.76 MB122 times29 times0
Xhemil Saliu > Du me të marr08/05/20133.74 MB107 times29 times0
Xhemil Saliu > Ishe feju me tjetër08/05/20133.25 MB120 times37 times0
Xhemil Saliu > Luj luj Kosovare08/05/20133.08 MB136 times27 times0
Xhemil Saliu > Xhema Sadria09/07/20063.57 MB269 times2246 times1
Xhemil Saliu > Unaza me mbet09/07/20062.84 MB402 times4096 times11
Xhemil Saliu > Sonte cike e ke tepru09/07/20063.50 MB223 times2268 times0
Xhemil Saliu > Si te jetoj pa ty09/07/20063.08 MB279 times3065 times2
Xhemil Saliu > Pyete, pyete zemren09/07/20063.20 MB226 times2503 times1
Xhemil Saliu > Ne martesen tende09/07/20063.94 MB253 times3778 times8
Xhemil Saliu > Kush je oj zemer09/07/20063.41 MB237 times2371 times2
Xhemil Saliu > Hajde shpirti jem09/07/20063.02 MB217 times2411 times0
Xhemil Saliu > Gurgeti i mallkuar09/07/20064.24 MB242 times3329 times2
Xhemil Saliu > Fjalet e rrejshme09/07/20063.56 MB180 times2139 times2
Xhemil Saliu > Do ta kallim09/07/20063.47 MB251 times2812 times0
Xhemil Saliu > Dasma sonte ja fillon09/07/20063.56 MB264 times3440 times1
Xhemil Saliu > Cdokush te don per interes09/07/20063.86 MB219 times4746 times2

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