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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Fahrije Zogaj > Jam ajo që jam18/07/20104.43 MB543 times202 times0
Fahrije Zogaj > Herë humbesh, e herë lajmërohesh18/07/20105.02 MB347 times146 times0
Fahrije Zogaj > Dheu i të parëve të mi18/07/20105.36 MB245 times86 times0
Fahrije Zogaj > Më lejon të dua18/07/20105.90 MB238 times98 times0
Fahrije Zogaj > Më kan than, e më kan than18/07/20105.91 MB316 times89 times0
Fahrije Zogaj > Kthehu prap18/07/20105.63 MB282 times107 times0
Fahrije Zogaj > Se jeta nis18/07/20104.80 MB227 times79 times0
Fahrije Zogaj > Ball për ball18/07/20105.16 MB276 times108 times0
Fahrije Zogaj > Jeta pa ty vazhdon18/07/20105.83 MB221 times65 times0
Fahrije Zogaj > Se jeta nise06/07/20063.72 MB260 times1885 times9
Fahrije Zogaj > Me lejon te te dua06/07/20062.98 MB266 times1504 times3
Fahrije Zogaj > Kthehu Prap06/07/20063.32 MB325 times2226 times2
Fahrije Zogaj > Jeta pa ty vazhdon06/07/20063.90 MB203 times1407 times1
Fahrije Zogaj > Jam ajo qe jam06/07/20063.51 MB211 times1185 times1
Fahrije Zogaj > Her humbesh, her lajmerohesh06/07/20063.17 MB174 times1224 times1
Fahrije Zogaj > E me kan thene06/07/20063.41 MB203 times1265 times1
Fahrije Zogaj > Dheu i te pareve t`mi06/07/20063.91 MB190 times1429 times1
Fahrije Zogaj > Ball per balle06/07/20063.86 MB275 times3733 times4

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