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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Mera Zymeri > Ora e historisë19/09/20125.13 MB218 times152 times0
Mera Zymeri > Hajde mori nuse31/07/20123.60 MB186 times73 times0
Mera Zymeri > We like it29/07/20125.53 MB134 times162 times0
Mera Zymeri > Të dua22/06/20113.52 MB468 times208 times0
Mera Zymeri > Qika të reja22/06/20113.69 MB498 times185 times0
Mera Zymeri > Përhajr22/06/20116.02 MB272 times130 times0
Mera Zymeri > Nuk janë krejt gishtat njësoj22/06/20113.31 MB257 times102 times0
Mera Zymeri > Në jetën time22/06/20113.63 MB248 times78 times0
Mera Zymeri > Dy poteza22/06/20113.30 MB218 times64 times0
Mera Zymeri > Ani, ani22/06/20113.31 MB362 times199 times0
Mera Zymeri > DJ Neti - Jackpot - Remix21/06/20114.39 MB223 times79 times0
Mera Zymeri > Jackpot14/06/20113.97 MB291 times205 times0
Mera Zymeri > Chill baby05/08/20102.84 MB396 times167 times1
Mera Zymeri > Dashuri, dashuri05/08/20103.35 MB468 times205 times0
Mera Zymeri > Dashuri e fshehtë05/08/20102.99 MB326 times153 times0
Mera Zymeri > Dasmë të madhe kem fillu05/08/20103.79 MB436 times159 times0
Mera Zymeri > Hajde djem, e hajde qika05/08/20103.47 MB446 times188 times0
Mera Zymeri > Loqka jem05/08/20103.63 MB383 times132 times0
Mera Zymeri > Luj me def05/08/20104.48 MB520 times209 times0
Mera Zymeri > Shah mat05/08/20102.84 MB292 times76 times0
Mera Zymeri > Pavarsia28/03/20084.95 MB313 times1901 times11
Mera Zymeri > Vallja e rinis 200706/08/20072.71 MB429 times2886 times1
Mera Zymeri > Ska rendesi 200706/08/20072.66 MB232 times1157 times3
Mera Zymeri > Qika e haxhise 200706/08/20072.75 MB283 times1532 times2
Mera Zymeri > Pritna baba e lules 200706/08/20073.20 MB297 times1177 times2
Mera Zymeri > Po na vikan krushqit 200706/08/20072.19 MB312 times1245 times5
Mera Zymeri > Oj ti qike 200706/08/20073.22 MB281 times1023 times2
Mera Zymeri > Oj lule pejane 200706/08/20071.82 MB279 times976 times2
Mera Zymeri > Luje vallen 200706/08/20072.56 MB250 times1120 times1
Mera Zymeri > Luje belin 200706/08/20073.20 MB258 times849 times1
Mera Zymeri > Kjo unaze 200706/08/20073.07 MB318 times1216 times3
Mera Zymeri > Kjo bela 200706/08/20073.16 MB233 times1382 times4
Mera Zymeri > Ke ka zogu qe po qan 200706/08/20073.26 MB340 times961 times0
Mera Zymeri > Hajde qika kceni 200706/08/20073.60 MB314 times1173 times5
Mera Zymeri > Gurbetqari 200706/08/20073.81 MB312 times1314 times2
Mera Zymeri > Filxhani i kafes 200706/08/20072.64 MB242 times598 times0
Mera Zymeri > Vallja e pare 200706/08/20072.52 MB308 times859 times1

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