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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Arta Bajrami > Femër tipike31/01/20133.10 MB374 times182 times0
Arta Bajrami > Exotic03/08/20114.26 MB992 times644 times0
Arta Bajrami > Welcome to the club03/08/20112.31 MB568 times324 times0
Arta Bajrami > Më special03/08/20113.88 MB768 times486 times0
Arta Bajrami > S`dua tjetër03/08/20113.77 MB959 times655 times0
Arta Bajrami > E pa fat03/08/20114.32 MB1096 times1250 times0
Arta Bajrami > Efekti Arta03/08/20113.09 MB456 times222 times0
Arta Bajrami > Su pendova03/08/20112.86 MB631 times455 times0
Arta Bajrami > Në diasporë03/08/20113.35 MB598 times470 times0
Arta Bajrami > Po ta dije03/08/20113.84 MB607 times421 times0
Arta Bajrami > Për ty Viktoria03/08/20111.19 MB464 times224 times0
Arta Bajrami > Lutje nuk ka26/07/20104.66 MB1406 times1341 times1
Arta Bajrami > Nëse ty05/07/20103.97 MB1131 times1425 times2
Arta Bajrami > Qendrim Kodraliu - Shko, kurr mos u kthe - Perpunim30/06/20106.06 MB910 times653 times2
Arta Bajrami > Dj Caja Remix - I njejti ke mbet26/10/20074.46 MB613 times757 times4
Arta Bajrami > Mundem vet26/10/20074.17 MB632 times848 times2
Arta Bajrami > Asnje milimeter (ft Loco) 200721/07/20074.55 MB1560 times33103 times357
Arta Bajrami > Kjo nate (ft Don Arbas) 200721/07/20073.34 MB787 times10019 times38
Arta Bajrami > Aq shpejt, aq leht 200721/07/20073.46 MB904 times6673 times33
Arta Bajrami > Me vjen keq 200721/07/20073.85 MB543 times3856 times6
Arta Bajrami > Jam me fat 200721/07/20072.95 MB578 times4200 times13
Arta Bajrami > I njejti ka mbet 200721/07/20074.33 MB722 times13763 times79
Arta Bajrami > Hajde syn 200721/07/20073.05 MB570 times3756 times9
Arta Bajrami > Deri neser 200721/07/20073.63 MB474 times2772 times7
Arta Bajrami > Defekt 200721/07/20073.03 MB501 times2530 times13
Arta Bajrami > Chocolata 200721/07/20073.07 MB723 times4666 times19
Arta Bajrami > Jo ti zemra jem 200727/06/20074.07 MB892 times12384 times73
Arta Bajrami > Vera20/12/20063.67 MB558 times2914 times6
Arta Bajrami > Ti kam fal gabimet20/12/20062.64 MB567 times2501 times10
Arta Bajrami > Shtrati20/12/20063.67 MB496 times1976 times9
Arta Bajrami > Sa keq20/12/20064.05 MB457 times1674 times3
Arta Bajrami > Pike ne zemer20/12/20063.69 MB531 times1950 times4
Arta Bajrami > Ndoshta dhe te dua20/12/20064.08 MB748 times4252 times16
Arta Bajrami > Magnet per ty20/12/20063.43 MB765 times2335 times2
Arta Bajrami > Jarani jem20/12/20063.69 MB538 times2057 times4
Arta Bajrami > Ishe Gabim20/12/20063.72 MB506 times1875 times4
Arta Bajrami > Femer shqiptare20/12/20063.43 MB572 times3742 times11
Arta Bajrami > As me gram e as me oke20/12/20064.25 MB580 times2213 times5
Arta Bajrami > Akullorja me Vanill20/12/20063.56 MB519 times2076 times28
Arta Bajrami > 100 Grad C20/12/20063.79 MB678 times4644 times9
Arta Bajrami > Life in Egypt (feat Simpatiko)15/09/20064.10 MB458 times4216 times3
Arta Bajrami > Nije ket sen15/09/20063.68 MB592 times6375 times37

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