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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Miranda Hashani > Dy lotë më pikojnë17/03/20135.51 MB229 times94 times0
Miranda Hashani > Ike me tjetren27/12/20073.27 MB386 times2990 times15
Miranda Hashani > U bu, bu mi none06/09/20072.48 MB274 times728 times2
Miranda Hashani > Ti ne Shkup e une ne Gjakove06/09/20074.57 MB210 times602 times2
Miranda Hashani > Potpuri06/09/20077.88 MB237 times642 times0
Miranda Hashani > Je si lulja ne pranvere06/09/20073.60 MB191 times403 times6
Miranda Hashani > Jap kapterr06/09/20078.74 MB192 times269 times0
Miranda Hashani > Hajde, hajde djal i ri06/09/20073.26 MB181 times400 times0
Miranda Hashani > E mi gezofsh moj lal06/09/20075.96 MB158 times389 times1
Miranda Hashani > Dasma06/09/20074.73 MB193 times497 times0
Miranda Hashani > Hedhim valle25/12/20065.75 MB140 times840 times0
Miranda Hashani > Endera21/12/20063.23 MB176 times752 times1
Miranda Hashani > Ti apo endera21/12/20063.65 MB171 times391 times0
Miranda Hashani > Perse21/12/20063.57 MB345 times1236 times3
Miranda Hashani > Me mungon21/12/20063.61 MB232 times883 times1
Miranda Hashani > Mos me lini vete21/12/20063.08 MB270 times1760 times2
Miranda Hashani > Mos digjni djepat21/12/20063.76 MB160 times422 times0
Miranda Hashani > Kurr mos më kujto03/07/20062.79 MB463 times1575 times1

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