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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Gena > Sa vuaj17/07/20133.51 MB761 times268 times0
Gena > Ndoshta17/07/20133.73 MB884 times191 times0
Gena > Jo smundem17/07/20133.50 MB762 times146 times0
Gena > Aman, aman17/07/20133.87 MB652 times153 times0
Gena > Nora - Le mama24/06/20137.51 MB1040 times353 times0
Gena > Nora - Më mungon24/06/20136.07 MB760 times108 times0
Gena > Flori - Jo vetëm fjalë27/04/20133.84 MB1222 times447 times0
Gena > Sa vuaj për ty17/03/20137.05 MB1587 times376 times0
Gena > Luja synin ashiqare02/02/20131.10 MB911 times146 times0
Gena > Qke moj fiti30/01/20133.45 MB861 times129 times0
Gena > Raki e lot30/01/20133.26 MB1441 times167 times0
Gena > Të dashuroj30/01/20135.16 MB868 times226 times0
Gena > Thuam sa të dua30/01/2013999.88 KB532 times94 times0
Gena > O zambak i bardhë30/01/20132.44 MB517 times122 times0
Gena > Ajo30/01/20134.47 MB735 times196 times0
Gena > Aman aman Gjermani30/01/20132.34 MB484 times112 times0
Gena > Emine emine30/01/20133.07 MB553 times101 times0
Gena > Herë me pare herë pa pare30/01/2013966.08 KB362 times83 times0
Gena > I mjeri fukara30/01/20136.19 MB596 times165 times0
Gena > Jam deh me raki30/01/20132.73 MB544 times147 times0
Gena > Lala të ka gjan30/01/20131.13 MB448 times93 times0
Gena > Moj shami e kuqe30/01/20133.54 MB405 times100 times0
Gena > Moj unaza30/01/20131.29 MB362 times89 times0
Gena > O gurbet30/01/20137.92 MB388 times129 times0
Gena > Më ke vrarë27/10/20125.32 MB760 times492 times0
Gena > Antre - Ishte natë, binte shi10/09/20126.46 MB663 times362 times0
Gena > U magjepsa26/06/20113.26 MB822 times475 times0
Gena > Tha mu Klisis25/06/20111.89 MB640 times303 times0
Gena > Të dashuroj si i çmendur25/06/20114.08 MB999 times814 times0
Gena > Sama mu dhe pau puthena25/06/20113.18 MB746 times272 times0
Gena > Sagapo25/06/20115.22 MB734 times424 times0
Gena > Sa ti dua ata dy sy25/06/20112.57 MB760 times456 times0
Gena > Poso mulipis25/06/20111.56 MB486 times209 times0
Gena > Picirika Mermeti25/06/20117.06 MB521 times241 times0
Gena > Paso Sagapo25/06/20113.32 MB463 times169 times0
Gena > Pallto e vjetër25/06/20113.19 MB482 times270 times0
Gena > O ti Agapo25/06/20112.44 MB437 times198 times0
Gena > Në prehrin e Nanës25/06/20113.78 MB502 times314 times0
Gena > Në moshën e rinis25/06/20112.54 MB539 times358 times0
Gena > Natën nana sa lot kam derdhur25/06/20114.32 MB581 times376 times0
Gena > Lulet e majit25/06/20113.24 MB487 times326 times0
Gena > Kollazh - Jorgjica - Jemi mbledh me shoqri25/06/20113.27 MB561 times335 times0
Gena > Jam shofer taxi25/06/20112.36 MB541 times246 times0
Gena > Eja në prehën25/06/20111.77 MB436 times252 times0
Gena > Dashurova sytë e bukur25/06/20111.86 MB693 times445 times0
Gena > Çke moj goce25/06/20111.66 MB513 times241 times0
Gena > A kur ver File25/06/20115.07 MB369 times174 times0
Gena > Mëkatare23/01/20114.82 MB751 times533 times0
Gena > Sa lot kam derdhur17/08/20084.92 MB1288 times3830 times6

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