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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
NRG Band > Pa ty so ka rrihet24/06/20137.52 MB276 times207 times0
NRG Band > Magdalena19/10/20124.86 MB713 times1421 times0
NRG Band > Without her14/06/20113.25 MB422 times204 times0
NRG Band > Ti je drit e une jam yll14/06/20114.41 MB594 times405 times0
NRG Band > Po bie shi14/06/20113.91 MB392 times234 times0
NRG Band > Open up your eyes14/06/20114.43 MB212 times125 times0
NRG Band > Me gaz e me lot14/06/20113.33 MB410 times519 times0
NRG Band > Let it rain14/06/20113.88 MB227 times123 times0
NRG Band > I know you know14/06/20113.34 MB224 times174 times0
NRG Band > Ekatherina14/06/20113.31 MB305 times204 times1
NRG Band > Ashtu sikur dje14/06/20113.81 MB432 times1170 times0
NRG Band > As the other day14/06/20113.81 MB171 times92 times0
NRG Band > Ajo mua mdon14/06/20113.25 MB293 times191 times0
NRG Band > Veç asaj - Dj Neti - Remix29/05/20113.13 MB338 times240 times1
NRG Band > Capital T - Veq asaj28/05/20115.68 MB482 times581 times0
NRG Band > Rina, Rina - Dj Neti - Club Mix23/02/20113.47 MB666 times535 times0
NRG Band > Rina, Rina23/02/20113.33 MB1041 times2085 times0
NRG Band > Love me07/07/20103.33 MB592 times508 times0
NRG Band > Atmosfera08/06/20103.16 MB893 times1123 times3
NRG Band > Duajëm21/04/20103.34 MB741 times911 times1
NRG Band > Hajde me mu nje nate29/07/20084.83 MB517 times1129 times0
NRG Band > Për herë të parë kur dashuron18/06/20073.75 MB485 times807 times2
NRG Band > Luja babë luja20/12/20063.63 MB628 times1533 times1

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