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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Dafina Zeqiri > Bloodah08/05/20133.20 MB340 times237 times0
Dafina Zeqiri > Your love27/04/20135.38 MB263 times99 times0
Dafina Zeqiri > Veç ti02/02/20137.13 MB519 times311 times0
Dafina Zeqiri > Your Love01/02/20135.18 MB184 times81 times0
Dafina Zeqiri > Dangerously in love02/08/20114.63 MB703 times812 times0
Dafina Zeqiri > Naim Krasniqi - A të kujtohet kur jemi krue06/05/20112.89 MB981 times711 times0
Dafina Zeqiri > Kush do më ngushlloj24/01/20115.84 MB1095 times683 times1
Dafina Zeqiri > Ledri - Pom pëlqen23/01/20116.18 MB1038 times1530 times1
Dafina Zeqiri > Çuni i mamas20/07/20103.02 MB1176 times917 times0
Dafina Zeqiri > Vigun - Blla, blla, blla07/07/20102.78 MB765 times443 times3
Dafina Zeqiri > Rock this club21/04/20104.84 MB975 times1124 times4
Dafina Zeqiri > Stupid in love - Live21/04/20103.81 MB711 times425 times3
Dafina Zeqiri > F Kay - Edhe njo20/04/20104.91 MB904 times541 times4
Dafina Zeqiri > Zi e terr29/07/20083.16 MB707 times5724 times28
Dafina Zeqiri > Shoku i ti29/07/20082.39 MB520 times2760 times16
Dafina Zeqiri > My number29/07/20083.13 MB509 times2036 times9
Dafina Zeqiri > Mashkujt si ti29/07/20082.99 MB596 times2281 times11
Dafina Zeqiri > Manushaqe29/07/20082.93 MB589 times2823 times33
Dafina Zeqiri > Knockdown29/07/20082.85 MB451 times2187 times14
Dafina Zeqiri > Ka stop ka blok29/07/20082.41 MB585 times2226 times39
Dafina Zeqiri > Just me29/07/20082.91 MB478 times1374 times9
Dafina Zeqiri > Interlude29/07/2008557.21 KB394 times906 times34
Dafina Zeqiri > Hot shorts29/07/20083.28 MB538 times2106 times21
Dafina Zeqiri > Harrimi i dashuris29/07/20083.91 MB593 times1999 times9
Dafina Zeqiri > Adios29/07/20082.74 MB635 times4296 times50
Dafina Zeqiri > Hekurani - Knockdown28/07/20084.29 MB479 times1985 times19
Dafina Zeqiri > Rrallë e përmallë21/07/20073.98 MB953 times4214 times414

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