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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Duli > Boni nanës temena12/07/20133.64 MB426 times118 times0
Duli > Luj mos i jep 5 pare12/07/20133.53 MB313 times94 times0
Duli > Interesi12/07/20133.53 MB261 times90 times0
Duli > Je prefekte12/07/20133.35 MB299 times83 times0
Duli > Princesha e natës12/07/20133.06 MB365 times82 times0
Duli > Ti spaske karakter12/07/20133.09 MB259 times59 times0
Duli > Trego pak rrespekt12/07/20133.80 MB213 times67 times0
Duli > Fiksim12/07/20133.63 MB281 times101 times0
Duli > Me ty humbi zemra12/07/20134.23 MB328 times106 times0
Duli > Përsërite12/07/20132.90 MB258 times62 times0
Duli > Fiksim24/06/20139.04 MB277 times94 times0
Duli > Sekreti16/02/20135.65 MB345 times96 times0
Duli > Këngë kërçovare31/07/20128.71 MB519 times196 times0
Duli > Po të pres31/07/20123.10 MB413 times235 times0
Duli > Luj e kce31/07/20123.35 MB325 times113 times0
Duli > Dy shkronja magjike31/07/20123.33 MB261 times128 times0
Duli > Një pikë dashurie31/07/20122.99 MB279 times121 times0
Duli > Syni jem, shpirti jem31/07/20123.17 MB362 times163 times0
Duli > Gabimi paguhet31/07/20123.88 MB284 times105 times0
Duli > Vendi jon i vjetër31/07/20122.86 MB308 times119 times0
Duli > Ti je dinamit24/06/20113.99 MB1248 times773 times0
Duli > Pse erdhe prap24/06/20113.49 MB845 times556 times0
Duli > Përsëri gabove24/06/20113.65 MB859 times485 times0
Duli > Nuk ka shansa24/06/20113.20 MB695 times330 times0
Duli > Me ëndrra nuk jetohet24/06/20113.92 MB696 times402 times0
Duli > Jam mërzit24/06/20113.77 MB898 times530 times0
Duli > Fjalët e zemrës24/06/20113.43 MB937 times366 times0
Duli > Fjala24/06/20113.69 MB640 times304 times0
Duli > Emine24/06/20113.68 MB834 times470 times0
Duli > Dasma Kërçovare24/06/20113.94 MB701 times285 times0
Duli > Dashni e rrejshme24/06/20113.75 MB686 times307 times1
Duli > Ata sy24/06/20113.71 MB973 times787 times0
Duli > Instrumental13/07/20104.20 MB1247 times499 times1
Duli > Sherri12/07/20105.88 MB1122 times718 times1
Duli > Rrotull, rrotull12/07/20104.00 MB1113 times687 times0
Duli > Pa lamtumirë12/07/20106.25 MB948 times564 times1
Duli > Lum nana12/07/20106.09 MB985 times555 times2
Duli > Këngë dasme12/07/20106.53 MB1184 times723 times0
Duli > Halle, halle12/07/20104.57 MB878 times518 times0
Duli > Hajde nisja dashurisë12/07/20105.49 MB787 times423 times0
Duli > Dy përpara tre përmas12/07/20108.04 MB811 times514 times1
Duli > Dashuri me marifet12/07/20105.17 MB735 times377 times0
Duli > Ah dashuria12/07/20106.09 MB848 times484 times0
Duli > Të kanë martuar20/04/20106.54 MB1486 times908 times1
Duli > Ban hajgare ti me mu17/08/20084.80 MB1090 times10142 times59
Duli > Simpati07/07/20084.53 MB883 times4846 times14
Duli > Qikat e Lazdrume07/07/20085.31 MB936 times6266 times15
Duli > Nje lot per ty07/07/20085.94 MB901 times6253 times26
Duli > Ndoshta sehire07/07/20085.63 MB773 times3289 times4
Duli > Mos provoko07/07/20085.38 MB827 times3019 times3
Duli > Llokum07/07/20085.64 MB1004 times6031 times19
Duli > Hajde shpirt07/07/20086.17 MB819 times4186 times12
Duli > Gjuha Shqipe07/07/20086.67 MB844 times4924 times14
Duli > Gabimi behet nje here07/07/20086.31 MB914 times6893 times38
Duli > Fjalet e botes07/07/20085.61 MB794 times2664 times5
Duli > Vone eshte per ty09/05/20085.26 MB831 times6102 times39
Duli > Tallava 200824/01/200812.71 MB1164 times15795 times143
Duli > Tallava 2008 - Gostivar24/01/20088.38 MB859 times6832 times46
Duli > Xhelozoj (Me Rovenen)06/09/20074.09 MB801 times5785 times33
Duli > Dj Suat - Nuse po Shkon - Remix06/08/20075.06 MB759 times878 times2
Duli > Te deshta 200721/07/20073.86 MB793 times5055 times22
Duli > Spyet dashuria 200721/07/20074.10 MB730 times2919 times13
Duli > Qka me be per met fitu 200721/07/20073.60 MB746 times4317 times4
Duli > Nuse po shkon 200721/07/20075.41 MB935 times6810 times36
Duli > Meso si dashurohet 200721/07/20073.60 MB837 times3676 times12
Duli > Djem e qika 200721/07/20074.72 MB829 times6142 times21
Duli > Anemban botes mbar 200721/07/20073.95 MB805 times6200 times15
Duli > A me dashtë21/12/20063.37 MB791 times2610 times2
Duli > Dj Caja - Gurbeti - Remix21/12/20064.32 MB789 times2822 times17
Duli > Gurbeti - Viski - Coca Cola27/08/20062.00 MB1247 times23421 times58
Duli > Sevdaja29/06/20063.37 MB759 times4658 times0
Duli > Potpuri këngësh dasme29/06/20065.49 MB1058 times7247 times12
Duli > O moj zemër shpirt katile29/06/20063.91 MB863 times6651 times8
Duli > Ndarja jonë ishte gabim29/06/20063.91 MB924 times10517 times31
Duli > Mbylli sytë e qaj me zemër29/06/20063.31 MB1013 times11678 times37
Duli > Mbretëreshë të pata thanë29/06/20063.53 MB892 times5404 times6
Duli > Lujna me tupana e me def29/06/20064.57 MB946 times7570 times10
Duli > Duro, duro shpirt29/06/20064.52 MB943 times7625 times6
Duli > Dashuria ime29/06/20063.79 MB1169 times7892 times14
Duli > Ato fjalë të rrjeshme29/06/20064.17 MB1027 times11201 times10
Duli > Ndahet zemra ne dy pjes20/04/20064.88 MB1166 times13601 times56

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