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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Nexhat Osmani > S`kërkoj falje17/07/20137.78 MB471 times128 times0
Nexhat Osmani > Skërkoj falje17/05/20133.10 MB558 times195 times0
Nexhat Osmani > Po bojm lum31/01/20134.69 MB368 times106 times0
Nexhat Osmani > Po bëjme lum31/01/20134.69 MB228 times39 times0
Nexhat Osmani > S`dua tjetër31/07/20122.48 MB637 times290 times0
Nexhat Osmani > Sulqe begu31/07/20125.14 MB490 times174 times0
Nexhat Osmani > Pavarësia31/07/20123.93 MB390 times122 times0
Nexhat Osmani > Ai që di të vuaj31/07/20124.02 MB471 times115 times0
Nexhat Osmani > Pendohu31/07/20123.41 MB418 times152 times0
Nexhat Osmani > Po bajm lum31/07/20123.26 MB330 times86 times0
Nexhat Osmani > Pa fat31/07/20122.77 MB419 times132 times0
Nexhat Osmani > Ëmbëlsira31/07/20122.95 MB421 times124 times0
Nexhat Osmani > Qasaj zemrës tane31/07/20123.41 MB627 times419 times0
Nexhat Osmani > Vin vaporat14/06/20114.37 MB1035 times575 times0
Nexhat Osmani > Tash po digjem14/06/20113.55 MB990 times586 times0
Nexhat Osmani > Rrushe14/06/20113.00 MB1010 times612 times0
Nexhat Osmani > Qaj moj zemër14/06/20114.01 MB1007 times596 times0
Nexhat Osmani > Morën fund14/06/20114.03 MB899 times453 times0
Nexhat Osmani > Me mi dhan të mirat e botës14/06/20113.06 MB834 times435 times0
Nexhat Osmani > Më doli tymi14/06/20112.85 MB710 times366 times0
Nexhat Osmani > Kollaj, kollaj14/06/20113.15 MB1008 times633 times0
Nexhat Osmani > Dhe në vdeksha14/06/20114.09 MB783 times464 times0
Nexhat Osmani > Instrumental14/06/20113.97 MB578 times169 times0
Nexhat Osmani > Fjala e urtë popullore06/02/20113.16 MB1060 times614 times1
Nexhat Osmani > Herë me pare herë pa pare01/07/20101.87 MB1033 times635 times0
Nexhat Osmani > Çfarë të don ty zemra20/04/20102.78 MB1097 times648 times1
Nexhat Osmani > Moj Kosovë nuri i lavdisë17/04/20103.05 MB837 times523 times0
Nexhat Osmani > Krisi pushka prame28/03/20082.62 MB911 times6800 times36
Nexhat Osmani > Ti ne zemren time23/12/20073.31 MB1183 times22836 times144
Nexhat Osmani > Mashalla oj qik23/12/20073.25 MB836 times9484 times23
Nexhat Osmani > Zemra, Zemren e don 200727/06/20073.90 MB848 times5350 times15
Nexhat Osmani > Zemer 200727/06/20073.30 MB898 times8227 times42
Nexhat Osmani > Ti e din cka me pelqen 200727/06/20073.93 MB823 times3953 times11
Nexhat Osmani > Sa je i ri 200727/06/20072.88 MB768 times4679 times19
Nexhat Osmani > Sa here me merr malli 200727/06/20074.46 MB761 times3732 times11
Nexhat Osmani > Njeherë vera ka dera vjen27/06/20073.76 MB773 times2839 times11
Nexhat Osmani > Kurbetit27/06/20073.47 MB901 times4513 times25
Nexhat Osmani > Humbi Dashuria 200727/06/20074.10 MB1168 times6779 times19
Nexhat Osmani > Humbi Dashuria (Greqisht) 200727/06/20074.24 MB1001 times3497 times12
Nexhat Osmani > Herë kollan here Xhamadan 200727/06/20073.21 MB922 times5930 times30
Nexhat Osmani > Fukaraja 200727/06/20073.85 MB872 times6942 times40
Nexhat Osmani > Dashuri pa fjalë 200727/06/20073.15 MB1005 times4382 times15

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