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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Merita Halili > Gani beg toptani30/01/20135.06 MB102 times50 times0
Merita Halili > Moj fellenxe moj mitare30/01/20135.11 MB90 times59 times0
Merita Halili > Një ditë me del30/01/20132.78 MB87 times38 times0
Merita Halili > O Tirona jonë30/01/20133.90 MB92 times52 times0
Merita Halili > Rituali i nuses dhe i dhëndrrit30/01/20136.55 MB146 times50 times0
Merita Halili > Zoti ty të vraft30/01/20134.35 MB123 times58 times0
Merita Halili > Kollazh02/01/20084.48 MB593 times3606 times6
Merita Halili > Te vogel te desha21/12/20065.01 MB433 times2631 times1
Merita Halili > Sa mka mar malli21/12/20065.22 MB399 times2151 times1
Merita Halili > Orkestrale21/12/20065.45 MB249 times1135 times0
Merita Halili > O moj goce e bukur me cim cim ca21/12/20062.85 MB246 times1121 times0
Merita Halili > O me sabah kan dale ne pazar21/12/20062.76 MB253 times1296 times0
Merita Halili > O iku goca moj lale21/12/20064.55 MB257 times1291 times0
Merita Halili > Na leu dielli21/12/20063.25 MB194 times1177 times0
Merita Halili > Jam une 18 je ti me çun i vogël21/12/20064.63 MB293 times1989 times2

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