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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Altin Shira > Ah moj zemër20/04/20103.69 MB931 times468 times0
Altin Shira > Jo nuk mundem, jo20/04/20104.36 MB575 times275 times0
Altin Shira > Aman o Zot05/06/20086.91 MB518 times3237 times9
Altin Shira > S`dua të mbetem vetëm30/10/20073.84 MB274 times852 times1
Altin Shira > Xhan moj Trendeline12/09/20063.10 MB414 times2737 times1
Altin Shira > S`dua te mbetem i vetem12/09/20063.86 MB283 times4389 times3
Altin Shira > Potpuri e Shqiperise se mesme12/09/20067.71 MB384 times2060 times0
Altin Shira > Per nje kafe (Me Rovena Stefen)12/09/20063.26 MB451 times4550 times6
Altin Shira > Me te mire se ty nuk gjen12/09/20063.48 MB325 times2214 times1
Altin Shira > Me ke zene ne ark12/09/20062.49 MB256 times1793 times0
Altin Shira > Luje vallen pak per mu12/09/20063.03 MB426 times3293 times3
Altin Shira > Lexo me zemren tende12/09/20061.94 MB299 times3492 times3
Altin Shira > Cun si une s`ke me gjet12/09/20063.03 MB408 times5016 times1

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