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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Hazbi Therra > Si krokodil - Parodi02/02/20134.48 MB306 times111 times0
Hazbi Therra > Floriani i Vogël - Tallava21/06/20104.45 MB985 times391 times0
Hazbi Therra > Pershendetje dhe urime06/09/20076.03 MB789 times4066 times17
Hazbi Therra > Ngoni shoke06/09/20073.55 MB695 times3056 times11
Hazbi Therra > Mahalle e njofshme06/09/20075.04 MB633 times2543 times1
Hazbi Therra > Humori 106/09/20073.97 MB563 times2335 times6
Hazbi Therra > Hajredin Pasha06/09/20073.98 MB553 times3828 times14
Hazbi Therra > Ah lej, lej, lej06/09/20073.98 MB550 times2487 times2
Hazbi Therra > Mu me thojn Hazbi Thera29/12/20062.07 MB514 times2921 times10
Hazbi Therra > Pse dashnin sma jep20/12/20065.62 MB644 times3014 times3
Hazbi Therra > Me ferma skam fat20/12/20064.64 MB523 times2890 times3
Hazbi Therra > E dashura ime e Dashur20/12/20064.51 MB499 times2598 times5
Hazbi Therra > Bota Sajllet20/12/20064.52 MB426 times1904 times4
Hazbi Therra > A rihet pa çika n`klas20/12/20063.80 MB432 times3599 times5
Hazbi Therra > Barcoleta20/07/20062.82 MB598 times5412 times26
Hazbi Therra > Ik çik prej mu20/07/20063.83 MB428 times3873 times4
Hazbi Therra > Partit politike20/07/20064.10 MB485 times4218 times6
Hazbi Therra > Interneti20/07/20062.91 MB513 times5623 times8
Hazbi Therra > As ni her20/07/20063.69 MB423 times7269 times5
Hazbi Therra > Dot kcej20/07/20064.08 MB603 times4035 times6
Hazbi Therra > Dashuri si biber20/07/20064.45 MB468 times5043 times2
Hazbi Therra > Sadije20/07/20063.79 MB475 times3744 times3
Hazbi Therra > Dasma20/07/20065.15 MB725 times5185 times8

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