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 Name of the songPublishedSizeListenedDownloadedComments
Trix > Ndoshta jeta na bashkon02/09/20104.61 MB1158 times863 times0
Trix > Xhavit Avdyli - Kenge per Pavaresine28/03/20085.48 MB435 times1579 times1
Trix > Në dhomën time21/02/20073.92 MB736 times3592 times2
Trix > Perendesha27/08/20063.84 MB552 times3021 times1
Trix > Me e mira27/08/20063.26 MB547 times2722 times0
Trix > Lulja ime27/08/20064.21 MB691 times3801 times1
Trix > Princesha27/08/20064.37 MB478 times2404 times0
Trix > Eja e dashur27/08/20063.85 MB576 times4266 times1
Trix > Me degjo (feat Osman Shehu)27/08/20063.18 MB567 times3109 times12
Trix > Zeshkanja13/07/20064.66 MB875 times4425 times3
Trix > U tretën ëndrat13/07/20064.39 MB787 times6599 times4
Trix > Ti vlen për mua13/07/20063.88 MB468 times2298 times1
Trix > Të mbuloft reja13/07/20063.59 MB563 times3828 times0
Trix > Të kërkoj13/07/20065.15 MB591 times2526 times1
Trix > Qaj për ty13/07/20064.35 MB660 times3523 times2
Trix > Për ty Neta13/07/20064.01 MB467 times2116 times1
Trix > Mos ma the zemrën13/07/20064.24 MB551 times2832 times0
Trix > Më dashuro13/07/20063.18 MB531 times2351 times0
Trix > Më beso se të kam dashur13/07/20063.74 MB637 times5506 times9
Trix > Kurrora digjet në zjarrë13/07/20064.31 MB396 times1741 times0
Trix > Emrin tënd e mban vegimi13/07/20063.38 MB483 times2277 times1
Trix > E di fortë mirë13/07/20063.47 MB442 times2106 times1
Trix > Do të jem me ty13/07/20065.16 MB454 times2164 times0
Trix > Dashurija në qershorë13/07/20065.09 MB558 times3299 times2
Trix > Buzë liqenit13/07/20065.27 MB599 times2892 times1
Trix > Baladë për mikun13/07/20064.93 MB510 times2421 times1

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